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Ian Freeman Owes the Government Money

Ian Freeman — formerly the biggest name in British MMA before Michael Bisping’s mug showed up on TUF — has pleaded guilty to charges of tax evasion and, along with his wife, to tax credit fraud. From the BBC via FightOpinion via MMAWeekly via ThisGuyIsCompletelyFUCKED:

Ian Freeman, who is professionally known as “the Machine”, is believed to have stopped paying tax in 1997 when he left his job as a security guard. [Freeman and his wife] will be sentenced March 3rd.

1997? Really? It took British officials twelve YEARS to pick up on the fact that this guy wasn’t paying taxes. Are you fucking kidding me? That’s absolutely ludicrous. After that amount of time he shouldn’t have to pay — just for their complete lack of competence.

At least we finally had a fighter commit a white collar crime. After the gang rape, the murder/suicide, the multiple DWIs, and the very public vehicular rampage (no pun intended jerkoff), it’s nice to see somebody from the MMA world get caught for something not potentially deadly. Thanks, Ian.