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iamphoenix’s other other UFC 127 poster

Unimpressed with the “alternate” poster for UFC 127, resident Jackal iamphoenix said to himself, “Self, we can do better than that piece of shit.”  And so they did.

Dig how BJ’s all like “sup,” and looking predictably doughy at welterweight, while Jon Fitch (or maybe Forrest Griffin?) was thoughtful enough to bring him a pillow.  Down below, Bisping is crying rivers of indignant tears over Rivera’s series of trash-talking videos, while Rivera is… okay I don’t know WTF he’s doing.  Maybe nothing.  Rivera don’t have to do shit if he don’t want to, son.

iamphoenix wanted me to say that this poster made me jizz on my dog, but I don’t have a dog.  I’d say it made me jizz on my wife’s kitty instead, but I don’t stoop to such juvenile innuendo.

Anyway, he didn’t stop there.  After the jump, his prediction for how the BJ/Fitch fight will play out:

So I guess Fitch brought that pillow for himself after all… and I thought he was a nice fellow.