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I want my UFC 74 … NOW!

Sure, the UFC tried to sell you on the idea that UFC73 was ‘stacked’. But the truth of the matter was none of the matches really held all that much appeal. The UFC was coasting on the fact that they had two belts on the line plus Tito Ortiz. And we all saw how that shit turned out. A boring decision, a bullshit draw, and Anderson Silva beating up some dude who didn’t really belong in the ring with him.

However, I gotta say that UFC74 is the best card I’ve seen in a while. I’m kinda afraid for some reason … there’s gotta be some kind of secret catch or something, an underhanded conspiracy tucked under the veneer of this beautiful event. Perhaps the UFC plans on using some sort of mind control ray during the PPV to induce us into watching the next season of TUF. It would take some powerful hypnosis indeed to make me do that.

Anyways, the point of this post is UFC74 and how fucking awesome it is. Top to bottom there’s not one match that I don’t want to see. When the weakest match has a fighter like Travis Lutter in it, you know this shit is solid. The only downside to all this greatness is the fact that so many matches I wanna see will be prelims. If they don’t put Clay Guida in the swing bout I’m gonna shit in a box and mail it to Dana White. Here’s the full card:

Heavyweight championship bout: Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga
Welterweight bout: Georges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck
Lightweight bout: Joe Stevenson vs. Kurt Pellegrino
Middleweight bout: Patrick Côté vs. Kendall Grove
Lightweight bout: Roger Huerta vs. Alberto Crane

Preliminary card

Light Heavyweight bout: Renato Sobral vs. David Heath
Middleweight bout: Travis Lutter vs. Ryan Jensen
Heavyweight bout: Frank Mir vs Antoni Hardonk
Lightweight bout: Marcus Aurelio vs. Clay Guida

It’s much too early to break out the predictions for this one, but we’ll get there in a week or so. Until then wipe the drool off your keyboard … it’s still three weeks away and there’s nothing but shitty reruns of UFC Unleashed to tide you over until then. Well, that and this site. We’ll never leave you … never hurt you. We’re going to be together for a long long time.

  • steve24 says:

    Most hyped up cards and stacked cards are never what they seem.
    Have you seen the fight card for UFN 11? Shit, looks like a good $60 PPV to me.

  • Jonathan says:

    Whoa whoa..where in the world do you get off saying that Nate Marquardt didn’t belong in the cage with Anderson Silva? Was it because Silva destroyed him? Well, if so, then Rich Franklin didn’t even deserve to defend his belt against Silva. Marquardt was a quality competitor and a legit contender that lost. That is all. If you want to bag on someone, do it on Travis Lutter.

  • Right up until Silva, Franklin was dismantling his opponents. Marquardt has never done this … his fights have been slow and boring and painful to watch. He got the shot mainly because the middleweight division is so anemic right now. Rich Franklin is getting a rematch so soon for the same reason, and seeing how he fought against Okami, I don’t think he really deserves the shot either.

  • And yeah UFN11 looks pretty sick. Normally I’d agree with you on big name fights mean big time dissapointment. But this is Randy Couture, GSP, Clay Guida, Joe Stephenson, and Kendall Grove. They always bring it when they fight so i think the night will be okay.

  • DJ Hapa says:

    See, I prefer to look on the dark, negative side of things. Who but the UFC could take a card this full of great matches and screw it up by putting Huerta v Crane and Grove v Cote on the main card over Clay v Marcus and Babalu v Heath? No one could. No one but the UFC could screw it up so bad.

  • I dunno, I got a feeling Crane is gonna upset which makes me smile, and I’m a huge fan of Kendall Grove (all that ‘Dagger’ bullshit aside, that is). Regardless, I’ve got my subscription, so I just gotta wait a day or two to catch these ones.

  • steve24 says:

    Franklin is the only hope in that division to keep it somewhat exciting against Silva. If he gets man-handled again, that division is over for a long time coming. I’m not sure who wants to see Silva vs Kampmann. Okami and Franklin need to go at it again and this time they need to fight. Hughes going up to MW if Franklin loses will just tell me he want’s nothing to do with his stacked division. He’ll just lay and pray on Silva for 25 minutes.

  • Adam says:

    They should bump Kendall/Cote and put Aurelio/Guida in its place. I certainly hope that somehow get to see this fight.

  • Miguel Sanchez says:

    You faggits all forgot that Dan “Bollywood” Henderson is with the fucking UFC.. if he win the LHW belt from Rampage then the MW division is gonna have nobody left, but if he loses then its gonna be another champion vs champion unification match…
    Matt Hughes isnt gonna lay and pray Silva.. Silva is gonna knock out Hughes faster than GSP did.. I’m worried that once GSP regains the WW title he might decide to challenage Silva, who might beat him..

    fuck Matt Hughes, he’s a relic… if you wanna go sucking his balls be my fucking guess..

  • steve24 says:

    Why would GSP want to challenge Silva if he regains the WW title??
    He’s got a lot tougher competition in his division than the MW division.

  • ajadoniz says:

    Couture-Gonzaga, GSP-Kos, Grove, and Huerta! Wooo hooooooo pooty poo hooooooooooooo! it is guaranteed to be a great card.