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Chuck may be coming back

Those Inside the Octagon bits on Spike with Amir Sadollah are goddamn terrible … the dude looks like he’s got an arm stuffed up his ass to the hilt playing him like a muppet . But there was one interesting bit on last nights TUF9 Finale segment that stood out to me: Dana White backing down on the Chuck Liddell issue.

I’m not a reporter and no one else has commented on this so I can’t give you a straight quote, but the gist of it is he said “I’m not Chuck’s dad and he can do what he wants. I personally don’t want to see him fight again.”

Maybe if this was a comment in a regular interview I’d just take it as an honest question about Chuck’s future but when you’ve only got a minute or two for this dumbass segment and you’re clipping Amir’s sentences together so he sounds like Ask A Ninja there are no pointless questions. Everything has a marketing angle. I think this is a sign that Chuck has decided he ain’t done yet, and this is Dana paving the way so he doesn’t look like a hypocrite.

And that’s my completely speculative and uncorroborated gut feeling theory for the day.