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I smell bullshit

As much as I’d like this Ring of Fire event in the Philippines to be real, I have my doubts. The lineup is just way too retarded, and none of the fighters involved have said anything about the event.

In fact, several of the fighters who have their schedules up on the internet don’t have the event included in their list. I’ve sent myspace messages to several of the people involved but the fuckers haven’t written back yet. I guess this is what I get for talking shit about everyone.   For now I’ll put up the lineup and you guys can tell me if this sounds fishy or not:

Team Shamrock
Coach: Ken Shamrock
Fighters: Evan Dunham, Kyacey Uscola, Vernon White, Ricco Rodriguez, Debi Purcell

Team Gracie
Coach: Royce Gracie
Fighters: Cleber Luciano, Jorge Patino, Vanessa Porta

Team Barnett
Coach: Josh Barnett
Fighters: Koji Oishi, Ivan Salaverry, Erik Paulson, Renato Sobral, Ginelle Marquez

Team Gokor
Coach: Gokor Chivichyan
Fighters: Karen Darabedyan, August Wallen, Rodney Faverus, Goran Reljic, Tonya Evinger

  • Jonathan says:

    Rodney Faverus is from Holland., did he shack up with Gokor’s team? This does sound a little bit fishy.

  • Got some more info on it, but the details are still very sketchy though– no matches have been announced and the arena’s website doesn’t seem to have them booked for the day they have the event.

    Some more information on the promotion can be found at

    This promotion is a completely separate entity from Ring of Fire in the United States. US Ring of Fire promoter Sven Bean says he has nothing to do with the event, it just has a similar name.

    The site ( originally listed the above roster, but which of these fighters will actually fight against whom has not been posted on the site.

    Ivan Salaverry says he is part of Barnett’s team, heard about the event from him and would have liked to compete in it, however is still binded to one more fight on his UFC contract.

    Thanks for pointing this out. Have a good one.

  • koolpaw says:

    Debi Purcell and her management mentioned about Dec big event in Asia in Team Fighting format last summer. but couldn tell us the details at that time, so maybe this was that? not sure yet.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Wow, strange that all the 15-year old internet fagets from the fedor post haven’t caught on this one. Guess none of them have been watching MMA long enough to know about the likes of Gracie, Barnett and Shamrock. Duh.

  • Ed Dames says:

    i agree with the first comment.
    despite the impressive array of legit sponsors at the bottom, this event sounds like bs.
    the clever use of videoclips showing shamrock, etc. gives the wrong impression that they will somehow be actively involved in the event either as participants or as cornermen.
    a similar scam was perpetrated by a company called arabian sands represented by a certain foreigner call van es which promised the best of k-1 fighters duking it out in mla. never happened. he also had legit looking colored posters, press releases and even tv guestings.
    if the fighters mentioned don’t know about this event themselves, chances are this is not happening.
    personally, i’m all for bringing UFC-type of MMA events in the country to help generate support among Filipinos (both audience and sponsors) in this fast-growing entertainment sport. But it should be an event that will deliver on what it promises.