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I see a trend here

Tell me if you can spot it. First, here’s an interview from yesterday with Jens Pulver:

Pulver credits his revitalized approach to a split from his old training partners at the famed Miletich Fighting Systems camp and starting his own gym, Driven Training Center, along with head trainer Tony Fryklund.

“Tony gets me thinking,” Pulver said. “Tony makes me a fighter – and not just a physical fighter, but the thinking-kind of fighter. I’m listening. We’ve got a gameplan. I’ve got things I’m working on.

“We can talk about MFS, but I’m not going to rip, I’m not going to make fun. I’m just saying for me, I’m very happy I finally have gameplans and stuff again. I’m not out there just to throw punches and bang and whatever happens, happens. Whenever I’ve done anything great, it’s been with Tony Fryklund in my corner.”

And now an interview with Ben Rothwell:

When it came time to prepare for the once fearsome Filipovic, Rothwell’s answer was to move his training camp back home to Wisconsin full-time, foregoing his usual pre-fight workouts at the Miletich camp in Iowa. In part, it was an attempt to reinvigorate his training. Things had become too routine, he says. Trudging into the gym every day felt too much like punching a clock, and his performances reflected it.

I remember when Miletich’s camp started getting a reputation as being too oldschool and out of touch. That was way back in 2006. Of course, if neither guy can pull themselves out of the slumps they find themselves in then I guess that proves their failure has less to do with Miletich and more to do with them.