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I miss Big John

What the fuck is going on in Nevada where the two best refs in the state are Herb Dean and Steve Mazzagatti? Those are the two guys who have just been chosen to ref the two headlining fights at UFC 100:

Veteran referees Herb Dean and Steve Mazzagatti have been officially appointed as the third men in the cage for the UFC’s upcoming title fights.

Dean will oversee the heavyweight title unification match at UFC 100 between current champion Brock Lesnar and interim title-holder Frank Mir, while Mazzagatti will referee the same card’s welterweight title fight between champion Georges St. Pierre and challenger Thiago Alves,

The decision was made at the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s June meeting, and NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer confirmed the appointments on Tuesday’s edition of “GoodSports,” co-hosted by Radio’s George Garcia.

Herb Dean gets Lesnar/Mir 2 by default, since Brock Lesnar is still pissed about the Mazz fucking him over in the first Mir fight. Mazzagatti, Dana’s favorite ref in the whole wide world, will be taking care of the GSP / Alves fight.

It’s at times like this where Nevada sucks for refusing to work with Big John McCarthy. Since he made a few poorly worded statements on how shitty everything is run by commissions, he’s been unable to work in the state any more. And now we have to hope that Herb ‘Black Cat’ Dean’s bad luck doesn’t strike again and Steve Mazzagatti don’t have a bad night. I’m not saying either dude is terrible like Dan Miragliotta. I’m just saying they don’t have the track record Big John has of sheparding major fights to non-clusterfuck endings.