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I loves me some women’s MMA

When it comes to women’s fighting, Australians don’t fuck around. You won’t see any Barbie dolls fighting down under, because the real fighting women are tough as nails and mean like sharks. I don’t know why Australia is a hotbed for women’s MMA action … maybe its because they’re so close to Thailand. Or maybe since it’s okay for guys to hit girls in Australia, no one has a problem with girls hitting girls.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Uh, isn’t that from New Zealand? I don’t think Kiwis like being called Aussies. Now you’re gonna have a bunch of pissed-off, tough-as-nails kiwi chicks hunting you down, dude.

    And that’s hot.

  • I was gonna mention it. I even considered changing the term to ‘Australasians’. But then it loses some of it’s spunk. And I’m all about the spunk over being technically correct.

    Besides, NZ will end up another piece of Australia the same way Canada will end up another state in the USA

  • Yeah the website is from New Zealand but they’re tough no matter which country their from. If we see fights like that in EliteXC I could see womens MMA becoming pretty popular.

  • garth says:

    i’m totally going to quote you out of context as being “all about spunk”. you’re nicked, chum!

  • Thanks guys for the positive posts regarding female fighting. You are half right. 4 of the girls came from Australia and the other 4 were from New Zealand. It was an 8 women MMA tournament in Auckland New Zealand and it was awesome to be a part of it. Look out for our next big event in April next year. Where our MMA champ will battle it out with an American and 2 four women MMA tournaments. Also keep an eye out for Fiona Muxlow, Townsville, Australia our champ as she takes on the world.

  • Purple girl, if you guys have some serious MMA contenders then you might want to consider getting in touch with Roxanne Modafferi … she’s in Japan so not too $$ to get over there and she’s one of the best female fighters in the world.

  • Thanks Fightlinker Belinda (Director of Primetime) was in Japan last year and met Roxanne. We will be looking at having an International tournament at some stage with four girls each coming from America, Japan, Europe and Australasia. But we need to give our girls a bit more experience as our event in June was the first ever female MMA in NZ ever.

  • Well congrats on that and if you’ve got other events or videos you want promoted, get in touch and we’ll do what we can

  • Thanks for all the positive feedback it well appriciated.

    I usually dont comment on websites (in fact never) but id like to add a couple of things.

    Fiona our champ is very likely fighting an America very soon she has my full support and it will be the start of some great fighter exchanges.

    Secondly Lana and Sam from girlz team (myspace) are looking for sponsors now to bring American women here to fight. The eight women comp will be a great format for girls who would like more than one fight in a night.

    Mel is very correct in saying alot of our girls need experience but the pool we have here fight with heart and are a great start to a women’s league.

    I hope we can see two pools running, elite for the experienced and novice to grow the pool and transition fighters into pool one.

    We also have a large pool of elite thai fighter so this is another area we are working to advance.

    Thanks again for the support you are right Australasian have spunk and this is why i hope you can back help us as we strive to create a league all women can be proud to fight on.

    Do me a huge favour and pass the owrd around