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I love shit pants stories

We may or may not have been slightly unfair in our treatment of Marcus Davis here at Fightlinker. Our main beef with him is the fact that the UFC is trying to stuff him down the UK’s throat as a legitimate ‘hometown boy’ on account of his much-removed Irish heritage. I have the same problem with that that I do with those punters on St Patrick’s day claiming they’re Irish because their great grandmother was from there. Eat shit, you’re not fucking Irish, and stop pretending you are.

Okay, I’m getting riled up again. Back on point. Past this fact, there’s nothing particularly wrong with Marcus. In fact, there’s a lot to like: he’s a grizzled veteran who’s done a pretty good job of carving himself a niche in the very tough welterweight division. Sure, he’s not facing the stiffest competition in the world, but he still boxes them up and subs them out. And he tells entertaining stories like this: You spent a lot of time in boxing. What are some of those old-time memories?

Davis: One that just popped into my head: We were all in the gym one time, and there was this guy that was supposed to come in and spar with Dana Rosenblatt, who was an undefeated Jewish boxer at the time — and there weren’t a whole lot of Jewish boxers period, you know? So bringing this kid in, he was 5-0, and so they come walking in and he’s got like this entourage and they’re screaming out, “Mikey D! 5-0 Mikey D!” All cheery as hell. The kid comes in and gets his stuff on. They start sparring. Dana hit him so hard with a body shot that the guy shit himself.

There’s just shit pouring out of this guy’s trunks. He ends up crawling out of the ring, and they rush him to the bathroom and he was so embarrassed, he didn’t come back into the gym to get his stuff. He left right out of the side door, and they came in and gathered his stuff and they left. Never saw the kid again. I don’t even know what ever happened with his career. I never followed him. I probably should have; it’d be funny to hear if he did any well at all.

There’s a bunch of other good stuff in this Sherdog interview, like how Marcus is another member of the former alcoholics club, the difference between training boxing and MMA, and if he wants to fight on the Ireland card (I’ll let you guess what he thinks on that one).