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I hope Karo IS hurt, and not fucked

Let’s talk more Karo. Apparently I’m not the only one that thinks something fishy is going on. Steve Cofield is apparently on MMA Rated duties this weekend and has a video of Karo Parisyan sounding quite off.

When I wrote up the original post on Karo, I was tempted to make some really nasty jokes … stuff about Karo’s problem being his spine and not his back. But even though that sounds pretty witty, I couldn’t bring myself to mock Karo on account of anxiety issues. I didn’t want to add to the retard hubbub on forums implying that Karo was a coward.

Here’s the deal: if Karo really had to drop out of his fight because of these anxiety issues, then we could be witnessing the end of a very talented young guy’s career. People forget that Karo is only 25 because he’s a dirty gross Armenian, and the day they turn 20 they end up looking like burly 30 year olds.

What the fuck can be done about anxiety attacks? Lots of people have to be medicated for it so they can function, and I don’t think that shit is allowed under athletic commission rules. For all those people saying Karo just needs to buckle down and stop being a pussy, you obviously have no idea how the human brain operates. Once shit starts firing up there, you’re pretty helpless to control what goes on. You may control your brain to a certain degree, but for the most part your brain OWNS you, and if it decides to fuck you, you’re fucked. Don’t believe me? Try acid and get back to me on who won.

So I’m really hoping that Karo really hurt his back. If that’s not the case, I’m hoping the UFC will stand by him the way they stood by Rampage and do all they can to get him some help.

(picture courtesy of Combat Lifestyle, and Tracy’s keeping a UFC 88 blog up this weekend, always a good read. Check it out!)