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I have nothing to add

Ok, maaaaaybe I’m on board with this, but not on the main card.

Ok, but I’ll keep it short.

“I can tell you this: If Cesar Gracie says to me, ‘Jose’s training with me, I’m going to get him ready, and I’m going to do it in four or five months,’ and Cesar’s telling me this? That will have a lot of weight on what we decide,” Coker recently told ( [].

I’m genuinely just going to open my eyes and ears at this point and see which way the wind is blowing before I decide whether to piss with or against it. I like big comment sections, and I hope you guys don’t disappoint here. If your attitude is better expressed as a YouTube link or a gif, please, feel free.

I will add this:

Afterward, Coker said he had no intention of signing Canseco, whose lone MMA fight resulted in a lopsided loss to Hong Man Choi in DREAM’s 2009 “Super Hulk” tournament. And despite a public-relations campaign from the former “Bash Brother” to get a fight with former NFL great Herschel Walker – with an entire Web site devoted to the topic – Canseco’s prospects seemed dim.

Emphasis added – in case you guys missed that the case for Canseco/Walker was SO AIRTIGHT, there was an ENTIRE WEB SITE devoted to the topic. DEVOTED.