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I hated on UFC 108, and I’d do it again

UFC 108 was an entertaining card, and that’s a good thing. But what’s up with the endless stream of articles coming out crowing that everyone who criticized it was ‘wrong’ and are now somehow getting their comeuppance? Dana White went on and on about how the fans ‘disrespected’ the card, Kevin Iole did his standard parrot act, and Mike Chia Pet ended his UFC 108 recap with this:

So next time you rip the UFC or any other MMA organization for what appears to be a lackluster card, think twice. You may not want to plunk down your hard-earned cash for it, and that’s certainly your right. But just know that your doubt might be the very reason the event ends up being much better than you think.

Here’s hoping our doubt might be the very reason the UFC doesn’t try to charge us 50 bucks for lineups like UFC 108. The end result of the fights is moot – the prelims often feature the best fights of an event but that doesn’t mean the UFC would be justified in ladling up a night of those and asking 50 bucks for it. As for the ‘disrespect’, here’s how it goes, and this is pretty complicated so pay close attention: the better the card, the more excited people are to see it. There’s a decent amount of leeway from person to person around what your definition of ‘better’ is but in the end you don’t get to arbitrarily say the card is great when the fans as a whole have decided it’s not.

UFC 108 wasn’t full of bad fights. It was just full of fights no one gave much of a shit about. Are you really going to piss on the average fan for not getting hysterical about Sam Stout vs Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller vs Duane Ludwig? Seeing Mark Munoz play Ryan Jensen like a conga drum was fun and all, but what does it matter in the grand scheme of things? Is it wrong that fight fans clamor to see fighters they care about facing other fighters they care about in matches that mean something?

You could make the argument that we’re spoiled, and to a certain degree I think that’s exactly what all this “You thought this card would suck but it didn’t so fuck you” bullshit is pointing at. But when you’re asking people to shell out as much money on a regular basis as the UFC does, we have a right to bitch when an upcoming card doesn’t impress. Most of us even buy the fucking thing regardless, but that still isn’t enough? Now we have to lock a giant smile on our face while we take it up the ass too?

It’s going to be a long three months if the UFC decides to go to war with it’s fans over the perception of the cards they’re serving up this winter. Newsflash: we are still fans, and it is possible to love the sport while simultaneously criticizing it. This whole situation with Dana questioning everyone’s patriotism is fucking bullshit.