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I hate myself

Which UFC fighter are you?

It’s actually not that good of a quiz. I think tonight I might make my own … Fightlinker style! BAM! POW! COCK! WAZAM!

  • groda says:

    Pfft You have it easy, I’m Tito fuckin Ortiz, I hate that guy so much. I had no idea I was a fight-ducking, semi-retarded, cream-pie eating, cry baby.

    On the other hand my wrestling skills have obviously shot through the roof, I’m way richer so I can afford to buy maxi pads. I’ve lost punching power and skill (although I’ve never trained boxing in my life).

    Well now I’m off to demand another fight with Ken to really settle the score and cement my legend status.

  • Shit, I always figured Tito to be a tampon guy. Are you sure you’re Tito Ortiz?

  • groda says:

    You dare doubt the great one? I beat Patrick fuckin Cote so you better back off or I’ll put you in a fuckin wheelchair!!!!!!

    My new contract demands a boxing match against you.

    On topic, my snatch is usually too sore after the poundings I take from my partners when they penetrate my loose defense so I prefer pads.

  • intenso says:

    well, that was fucking retarded.