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I feel so lame blogging about this.

How fucking low on MMA news do I have to be to bother ‘reporting’ that Mandy Moore has a crush on Georges St Pierre? Pretty goddamn low. Unless something interesting happens in the next 5 hours (Matt Hughes caught with transvestite prostitutes or Monte Cox eats Dana White would be great), I’m going to be forced to start MAKING news up (Matt Hughes caught with transvestite prostitutes or Monte Cox eats Dana White would be great). But the last time we did that, things got a bit out of hand, so lets hope things pick up for everyone’s sake.

Anyways, yeah: the Star reports that Mandy Moore loooooves her some french canadian boo-tay:

At one UFC event in Montreal, “she was going crazy as Georges was beating his opponent,” says an onlooker.   “She was jumping up and down and having a great time.”   The two met up later – and not for the first time, says the insider.

“Georges was overheard saying that he would love to date her!”   Mandy, 24, was last linked to actor-singer Greg Laswell.

Dating Georges would be a nice step up manly-wise for Moore, who’s other boyfriends included Zach Braff and the immigrant from “That 70’s Show”. She also apparently dated some DJ AM guy, which is only notable because that pretty much guarantees her vagina is covered in dime-sized herpes sores now. Since we still haven’t figured out if you’re allowed to fight with herpes or hep or other miscellaneous STDs, I’d just like to say STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM GSP, MANDY. I’ll cut joo, bitch!

  • Jim Brown's Long Lost Son says:

    Hopefully the UFC comes back to Montreal this year. This time I’ll know that Mandy is in town… she won’t resist to my dance moves.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    At least she’s over 15.

  • GSP needs to impregnate Bas Ruttens daughter. think of how bad ass that kid would be!

  • Tom says:

    Of all the shameless opportunities you guys take to post pictures of semi-naked hot chicks, you couldn’t have googled one up of Mandy Moore for us? This would have been the perfect excuse…

  • The day I make a post with Mandy Moore in the header is the day I shoot myself in the face

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Hey, don’t worry Ryan: We’ll shoot you in the face FOR you.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    Why would Georgie bother with this scank when, I am sure, he already enjoys the finest booty that Montreal has to offer? Moore is just another Hollywood ho that thinks she can acquire a GSP just like she does a BMW off the lot. Someone tell her there’s a sale at the Gucci store down on Rodeo Drive and she will drop the St. Pierre infatuation is a heartbeat.

  • KillerBootsMan says:

    Awesome. Made my girlfriend laugh.