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“I am tired of being bent over by Elite XC with no Vaseline.”

KJ Noons just released a 3 page statement detailing all his gripes with EliteXC, from money to lack of promotion to comp tickets. Essentially it all comes close to mirroring Randy Couture’s complaints, except this time the complaints actually seem pretty justified.

Unfortunately, EliteXC got off their message first and they hammered it home pretty hard. Instead of everyone concentrating on how EliteXC has treated Noons like poo, the message of the day is “Noons ducked Diaz”. To make matters worse, Noons has made fighting Nick Diaz the central point of all his frustrations. If KJ had just said he wasn’t interested in working with EliteXC any more, I’m sure most people would understand. Instead he’s protesting the situation by turning down a fight with Diaz. Dumb.

This is just another case of everyone acting like morons. EliteXC is stupid for not picking up on Noons as a potential star and treating him better. Noons is stupid for having his agent stonewall EliteXC and allowing this whole situation to turn into a rep wrecking clusterfuck. At least all the cards are now down on the table. All this guessing and conjecture was starting to get annoying.