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Hulk’s suggestions for the UFC

Saturday night must have been pretty surreal to anyone tuning into the Ultimate Fighter Finale just to check out what this UFC and Kimbo thing was all about. Superfatty wins TUF, deaf guy gets face cracked open and wins by DQ (and then the bloody battered interview, man … who’s idea was that?), the Kimbo / Houston psyche out, a suspiciously nazi-esque walk-in shirt, and hey! Hulk Hogan!

Yep, we’ve seen Hogan at a few MMA events but tonight he was at the Palms on business to shill for TNA moving to Spike and taking on the WWE on Monday nights in what I guess is an attempt to rekindle the glory days of pro wrestling. But while he was around, Cage Report managed to talk to the Hulkster a little and asked him what he thought MMA could do to improve itself:

“Dana [White] does a great job, and it’s obviously working, I mean the sport is huge right now compared to a few years ago. But I just think there are little things he could do to improve the show, dude. With a nice entrance way, some pyrotechnics and custom entrance music for his fighters, it would ensure a much more fan friendly environment and allow the fans to better identify the individual fighters. I think small things like that would go a long way in building up some of the lesser known fighters. Just the fact that the crowd [was] chanting ‘boring’ out there during one of the fights speaks volumes [on the current product].”

I would say that the rules and judging criteria probably need some tweaking but theme songs huh? And yep, people chanting boring can be a problem in real fighting. How about blasting off endless amounts of pyro whenever the fight starts to get dull? No better way for Dana White to show his displeasure than with 15 foot flame explosions.

And while I’m not too hot on the ramp idea, you can’t deny that there’s a serious hat stealing epidemic going on in the UFC that needs to be dealt with that some sort of ramp or raiser might solve. You can understand why this issue might be important to Hogan … I get the feeling that his bandannas come with the hair attached on the inside now so losing one of those would be pretty bad.