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Huerta gets another can

I love how Roger Huerta continues to get fed UFC virgins, while Clay Guida keeps going up against the baddest motherfuckers in the lightweight division. I really don’t know what to read from that: does that say the UFC really respects Clay Guida’s skills, or they’re just trying to bury him? Are they so unsure of Huerta that they’re not willing to pit him against someone established?

If you did a search on this site for “Joe Silva is on crack”, you’d probably find over 20 posts. Well, 21 now that I’m gonna say it again. I can give the UFC a pass on the Liddell-Jardine fight because their light heavyweight division is kinda shitty at the moment. But there’s no excuse for some of the garbage bookings they’re doing in the lightweight division. Roger Huerta vs Alberto Crane is up there with the recent Din Thomas vs Jeremy Stephens match as one of the most pointless bookings ever.

  • hankd says:

    AGREED!! Huerta is being hand-fed BS matches while most of the top LW’s in the world sit idle. He’s HIGHLY over-rated after his one-sided beating of Garcia and appearance on the cover of SI (random, or Dana’s pick to get the Herta BS hype rolling?)

    Guida would beat Huerta IMO. I honestly think it comes down to Huerta being a better looking guy that Guida…they want Huerta to be the next big Mexican star. He’ll eventually get exposed. Hell, he’s been taken to decision by UFC newcomers TWICE and he struggled with Evans too.

    Love the blog man…


  • Ummm, Huerta’s opponent, Alberto Crane, is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Carlson Gracie. I’d say that puts him somewhere above “can” status, especially if Guida’s opponent, Marcus Aurelio, gets to be in the “baddest motherfuckers” category.

  • Ryan says:

    Actually fightlinker, only one hit for “Joe Silva is on crack.” And it’s right here… heh.

  • Check this out though: All instances of me saying someone is ‘on crack’. There’s so many different ways to say Joe’s on crack :-)