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How will Affliction do at the gate tonight?

It’s funny that on the day of Affliction’s event, I’m still not sure if the Honda Center is gonna be full to the tits or half empty. Conflicting stories have been coming out with Affliction saying ticket sales are hot hot hot and fans replying “Then why can I buy 10 tickets together in all sections?”

I suppose we’ll know after the event, but for now here’s Affliction claiming they’re going to do just as well as they did on their first show:

The second offering from Affliction has been much maligned due to a perceived lack of interest from fans and ticket buyers. Not so says co-promoter Roy Englebrecht.

“We have a good chance to have back-to-back $2-million gates,” Englebrecht told “Ticket sales have picked up this week and we are looking forward to a great show.”

The first Affliction show actually beat out the UFC’s Honda Center numbers, although it’s worth noting that they kinda sorta cooked the books to do that. Still, I’ll consider it a good sign if attendance is more like their first show than an IFL show.

**UPDATE** More numbers from Sherdog:

As of Friday, multiple sources said the promotion had sold close to 11,000 tickets — 1,200 of them on Thursday alone. If true, Affliction’s second effort is on par with its July 19 predecessor, which raked in a $2,085,510 gate from the 11,242 tickets it sold.