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How to watch the fights in the UK

Oh, the humanity of being a UFC UK fan. The UFC started out its relationship with England all hot and slutty but now the isles have suffered from serious live event blue balls in 2011. Now they won’t even be able to see their boy Dan Hardy headline this weekend’s UFC event on the telly! From ESPN UK:

Over the past two years, ESPN has shown UFC main events & preliminary bouts for our viewers & fans of the sport. We have recently been informed that we are not able to continue to show some live UFC content on our channel. We & the UFC are working to find a solution to this as we understand your concerns. ESPN continues to televise UFC main events and provides coverage of UFC and mixed martial arts online at &, & on TV via MMA Live.
Thanks for your patience.

Fortunately, the UFC has fans covered:

We regret ESPN has declined to license fight, which falls outside their current agreement, so Hardy fight will be free and live on

So it’s really not that bad. When you factor in the fact that UK fans typically get all the PPVs on ESPN UK and not on a 40+ dollar per event basis on PPV, I’d say they’re still winning out here.

  • hass100 says:

    Its been pretty sweet so far paying £10 a month for every card but it seems there might be a problem with the deal going forward.

    We may see a PPV model introduced on sky box office like strikeforce in uk.

  • greenseed says:

    hopefully its on for everyyone ‘cuz it’s better quality than on my standard def shit on tv

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Can we ban Greenseed please?

    I can’t believe a British Jackal’s commenting.  You should be out there rioting like Carcass.  He’s responsible for all of the dead officers – via blinding white leg kicks.

  • greenseed says:

    ban you!

  • agentsmith says:

    Serious question: does pay-per-view not exist in the UK?  All the UK events are non-PPV even for us, cause for some reason they can’t make it work.

  • hass100 says:

    It exists for boxing/wrestling/strikeforce cards but ufc is on espn uk for £10 a month. This may change going forward.

    Uk cards are free for usa fans prob because you couldnt justify the $40 on the cards we get, no title fights and alot of local fighters that yanks wouldnt know or care about.

  • frickshun says:

    ^^Nothing good comes from the UK.

  • Ewelina says:

    Ya know. Not much different in Canada. It’s that WWE metinlaty ingrained in most mainstream fans head. Which is where most came from. The best MMA fans outside of Japan are the ones who actually train, and are fighters themselves. Because they understand the fight game, the little nuances of fighting. We understand it’s not all about the big KO’s, or even the quick submissions. It’s the everything that leads to those. Sometimes great fights can be had without finishing. Not very many people understand that or appreciate it. They want their KOs with their blood. Anything else would be unsatisfactory.