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How to trash talk your way back into the UFC

When rumours started floating around that Jonathan Goulet might be replacing Chris Leben against Mike Swick, I didn’t believe it. Why on earth would Mike Swick go from taking an easy fight that would pay dividends on his career to a potentially tough fight with nothing to gain? And I’m sorry people … after seeing Leben lose to Smelly Starnes, he’s been downgraded in my eyes from tough to tepid.

Jonathan Goulet isn’t exactly anything to write home about either. He’s from Montreal and I love the guy, but since leaving the UFC after losing to Josh Koscheck he’s done little other than lose to Jason ‘Dooms’ Day and torch his relationship with former manager and UFC croney Stephan Patry. So why the hell would anyone agree to this match? Well, it turns out no one did … until Goulet went onto the Sherdog forums and talked smack:

“Ken Pavia, my new manager, called me yesterday and asked me to fight Mike Swick in place of Chris Leben,” Goulet said. “He called me back two hours later and said Mike Swick didn’t accept [the fight], but I don’t think it was Swick [who declined]; I think it was his management.”

After the UFC informed Goulet’s manager the fight did not appear as if it would materialize, “The Road Warrior” took his case to some Internet forums.

“I called David Loiseau, because we were both excited about the [potential] fight,” Goulet said. “He told me to write some things on Sherdog and other forums, and I did. Mike Swick saw what I wrote and accepted the fight.”

Jeez, this kinda stuff just makes me shake my head. I’m often in the trenches banging the ‘Business’ drum, saying this is a real sport and real athletes make decisions with their brains. Fights aren’t booked because of ego or some guy said something about some other guy’s mom. If a fighter ‘ducks’ a fight, it’s usually because the money’s not right or it makes no business sense. And then shit like this happens: Mike Swick accepting a fight because of something someone said on the SHERDOG FORUMS.

Man, I used to really like Mike Swick. When he was talking about dropping to welterweight, I wrote several articles pleading with him not to, because he’d be feeding himself to the wolves. Well now I want to annouce that my affections for Swick have turned. I will no longer keep that 8×10 signed photo by my bed and will not be including Swick in my prayers to Jesus Christ every night. How can I like someone who makes business decisions based on shit written on the internet? Or more specifically, shit on the internet that’s not written by ME? I expected better from you Mike. I expected better.

  • MickDawg says:

    Business sense? He needs a fight! He gets paid the exact same for every fight on his contract. He makes more money by getting a win bonus…so why wouldn’t he take a fight he should win?

    No fight…no money.

    How’s that for business sense.

  • MrRudy says:

    I can’t add your feed to Feedburner. How I do this?

  • gelowano says:

    so high so high so high, so – if you want to sing this way