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How to Support Fightlinker

Fightlinker is an independent website run by two guys from Canada. ‘Independent’ means we have no corporate sugar daddies and no deep pocketed investors floating our boat. At the moment, Ryan works full time on Fightlinker, and we rely on your support to make sure he doesn’t have to eat dog food sandwiches to survive. Here’s how you can help out:

Donate money: We’re not above begging like dirty squeegee kids for money. In fact, we’ve created a whole ‘star system’ to reward users who donate to the cause. Star members get all sorts of perks like unlimited posts and messaging, plus first dibs at new shirt designs. The list of advantages will only get longer and longer, so donate now!

Buy Shirts: If you’re not into giving something for nothing (where nothing = 50+ posts a week plus a weekly comic plus a weekly radio show or two), then you can always buy a shirt from us! Our shirts are professional quality silkscreens, not that Cafe Press iron on shit.

Sign up with BetUS: If you’re into gambling on MMA (and honestly, floating $100 on an event just makes it more fun to watch) then we heartily recommend BetUS. Originally we weren’t planning on affiliating ourselves with any gambling companies, but Damon and the crew from BetUS have become very close friends of Fightlinker. Even if we didn’t make money off people signing up, we’d recommend you use them. But since we do, you should make sure to mention us when signing up!

Spread the word: We’re a humor site devoted to MMA … that means we’re a niche site catering to a niche sport. We’ll never be as big as the big juggernaut sites, and there’s only a very small number of other websites that give us link love. So we need your help in spreading the word on how fucking sweet Fightlinker is. Tell your friends, tell people on forums, tell your grandma and grandpa. If you run a website, link back to us, please! The more readers we get, the happier we are. The happier we are, the funnier we get!

But wait! there’s more. If you’re a business or company, we do all sorts of shit that might be helpful for you:

Freelance writing: Ryan is always available for writing jobs of any sort, be it MMA related or general interest, funny or ‘straight’. A childhood spent writing terrible fantasy fan-fiction and teenage years devoted to non-stop blogging means he can get you whatever you want, fast, and with impeccable quality. Yes, Ryan is open to writing for other MMA related sites and ventures. He already freelances for BetUS and Fighters Only Magazine.

Graphic Design: Ryan spent 10 misguided years running a rave promotion company and since there’s no money in raves, he had to do everything by himself … including the graphic design for flyers, posters, and websites. He’s also done logos and headers for Bloody Elbow and MMA Payout. So if you need something done, feel free to ask him.

Video Editing: If you’re a fighter and you want to turn footage from a few fights into a sweet fucking highlight video, then come to us. Check out the video we did for Roxy Modafferi. Nuff said.

Full Service shirt printing: We will design and have your shirts printed for you, fast and cheap. Order as few as 24 shirts, and get them for as cheap as $7 a shirt. This is the same professional process we use for the shirts in the Fightlinker store.

Anything else: Dude, we are freaking whores. If you’ve got some wacky job you want doing or some project you want done, get in touch with us and maybe we can work together. We like to think of ourselves as jacks of all trades.