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How to make Episode 1 of The Ultimate Fighter 6 good

Okay well here’s my follow up article on changes the UFC should make to liven up The Ultimate Fighter. As I mentioned in the first article, the Ultimate Fighter’s biggest issue is that it’s format has gone past stale and is now growing moss. Back during the initial season, just the novelty of having reality show contestants kick the shit out of eachother was enough to have people tune in. But now it just isn’t cutting it, and things need a revamp.

So here’s the shocker: The Ultimate Fighter could learn a lot from America’s Next Top Model. America’s Next Top Model? Hey, what can I say, I’m a man of diverse tastes and interests. One of them is watching crazy hot bitches, you homos. But let me tell you something else: they’re doing a better job of mixing it up on that show than the Ultimate Fighter. In just one episode I saw more originality than I’ve seen in 3 seasons of the Ultimate Fighter. If you took ANTM (yeah, everyone uses the acronym, duh!) as a template and copied what they did for their 2 hour season debut, here’s how it would translate to The Ultimate Fighter:

-They should show the preliminary tryouts
If you’ve been unfortunate enough to see American Idol, you know the the tryouts are pretty much the only bearable part of the show. Footage from all the sparring / rolling / interviews of fighters trying out could easily fill up a half hour and be extremely entertaining and educational. I would love to see Joe Silva and some other auxiliary UFC brass etc sit down and interview prospective fighers. Not only would this kind of thing give some great comic relief (because most TUF applicants are probably total retards), but would provide insight into a fighter’s personal life and where they’re coming from.

-They should bring 30 guys in and cut 14 of them
The initial workouts where coaches test out the fighters is cool, but imagine how much cooler it would be if half the fighters there were gonna get cut? You’d see fighters pushing themselves twice as hard, emotions flaring, people stressing. In short: good reality television. Again, The Ultimate Fighter is passing up tons of excellent drama by not having an axe over the heads of everyone who’s made the initial cut. Line up the fighters at the end of the training and have the coaches call their fighters one by one. The guys who don’t get called go home. What better way to have the biggest collective TUF cry in the history of the series?

-They should reward the guys who made the cut
Yeah, I touched on this in my last article, but I’m following a flow here. You’ve shown the tryouts, then you’ve shown the team selection and cutting of half the guys. Now take the winners to Vegas for backstage access and front row seats at a UFC event. After the show, follow them around an industry insider afterparty. Goddamn that would be wicked TV.

I don’t know about you, but I think that makes for one hell of a season premiere. You might even convince people that TUF6 isn’t going to be a steaming pile of garbage!

  • Asa says:

    This is pretty much what they did for the WWE’s Tough Enough show, and I’ve always wondered why they didn’t do it for TUF. Yer right, it would totally help pump up a lame show.

  • Vee says:

    Sounds like a great idea. Showing the preliminaries makes sense.

  • AE says:

    Not one of these first three matches has even been a fight. They screen these guys, right? Let’s get through the first round one of these days. . .

  • Big D D says:

    To start thanks for directing (from Sam’s site) me to these great articles…fightlinker. Second these are some really good ideas for the show, but Dana “it’s good to be” White would never use good ideas. I guess I have become a drone, and just watch what they give me, but I had never given changing it much thought. Do you know how much time they have in between the time they are picked to be on the show, and the actual taping, cuz these guys don’t seem like they are training before comming on the show. To end I would like to suggest that the Ufc should have a show of stolen talent, sign talent away from other orgs. Bring in real fighters not guys who tag-along with the trainers (joey-the bum scarola) or what about a WEC TUF show and have 145s and 135s on the show, those dudes bring the heat.