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How to get your news on Bloody Elbow

Wanna know something funny? You can email MMA news to any of the writers from Bloody Elbow at any time and if it’s barely relevant at all, they’ll post about it. Either Leland will write an opus about it, Nick will attach a one line descriptor to your quote, or Fagan will add in a few spelling mistakes. But your news will get up there, and in timely fashion to boot (which is more than I can say about how we roll around here – sorry guys we’re workin’ on it).

But did you know that there’s another awesome way to submit news and facts to Bloody Elbow? You just sue them like Juanito Ibarra did way back in June over some statements Tito Ortiz made in a random Youtube video. Here’s the deets on how it works: you sue Bloody Elbow, everyone on the internet ends up thinking you’re a mega-douche (including many people who never gave a shit about the mongol words coming out of Tito’s mouth). Four months later you force Bloody Elbow to write a post with your side of a story no one even remembers or cares about anyways. But they still remember you’re still a mega-douche. Oh yes. Everyone will always remember.

Now I can understand that both options are pretty appealing to the average fucktard. But may I suggest that instead of suing Bloody Elbow to get your story out, you instead go with option one and just email them saying what’s really up. Just request that Leland doesn’t get assigned to post about it. After 9 paragraphs it’s like holy shit dude. Less is more.