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How sucking is handled in the UFC

Stefan Struve crashed and burned against Junior Dos Santos at UFC 95, but the silver lining (for us anyways) in his abject failure is that we get to learn a little bit more about how UFC virgin contracts are written up. Here’s what Struve’s manager had to say:

The way the UFC works is that you get a contract which states you HAVE TO win your first 2 fights or you’re out.

IF you lose the first one, you get a do over, IF you have shown them something, which Stefan didn’t do.

The last option is that the UFC puts his contract on hold, and then he has to fight AND win 2 fights outside the UFC and when you do the UFC resumes your contract.

I have a meeting with the UFC execs in two weeks and then we’ll hear what the UFC wants to do with Stefan, I’ll keep you posted.

As we mentioned during the whole “Keep or Kick” segment of last week’s Low Blow, we’re thinking Struve didn’t do enough to prove he belongs in the UFC. Junior Dos Santos might be a heavyweight Anderson Silva, but that’s still a pretty big “might be” right now. And even if he is as amazing in real life as he is in my numerous erotic dreams, you’ve still gotta last longer than a minute against him to avoid being called a pussy, okay?

Struve might be 16-3 but most of his fights came against random European cans with names like Romualds Kargulis and Tomek Smykowski. The can part is the important bit … I just threw their names in there because they sounded funny. Ralf Wonnink. Ha!