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How much money wasn’t made last weekend

His Holiness Dave Meltzer settles into his new gig at MMA Fighting by breaking down just how much money was left on the table when Jon Jones decided not to fight Chael Sonnen. I know, I know. It’s unfair to pin the UFC 151 cancellation on him alone and blah blah blah. But simple fact: if Jones had said yes to the fight, the show would have gone on. So let’s see how much money he cost everyone.

  • $27.5 million in PPV revenue (UFC / Cable companies)
  • $2 million in marketing (UFC)
  • $2.5 million gate (UFC)
  • Unknown amount of sponsorship deal losses
  • Unknown advertising deal losses (UFC / FX / Fuel)
  • $20 million in business for local economy

In total, one UFC source estimates that the cancellation cost the company around 20 million bucks. If you’re wondering how that’s so low when they were set to bring in 27.5 million in PPV revenue, keep in mind that the cable providers handling the PPV take HALF the money on each sale. Pretty messed up, which is why I generally try to buy my events from UFC.TV. I feel bad for the UFC and local Vegas businesses that lost out on UFC 151. The cable companies? They can suck my nuts.