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How many Shamrocks does it take to make a legacy?

If you thought you’d heard the last from Ken Shamrock, you’re wrong! The latest news from Kenny boy is that his son Ryan has taken up the five ounce gloves and will be fighting on one of his dad’s cards August 25th:

Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock has carved out a substantial legacy in the sport of mixed martial arts, with his Lion’s Den team recognized as the blueprint of countless training squads to come. Now, Shamrock’s “other” legacy, his 18-year-old son Ryan, will follow his father’s lead, stepping into the cage on Aug. 25 at the Feather Falls Casino in Oroville, Calif. to make his MMA debut. Ryan will appear in an event promoted by his famous pop alongside the debut of Lion’s Den first female cat Kristen Niedzielski. Ryan’s weight division has not been announced.

I tried to dig up more information on Ryan but all internet searches pointed towards some dumb pro-wresting angle where Ken ‘had a sister named Ryan Shamrock‘. It’s pretty weird that Ken’s fictional sister had the same name as his son. What’s weirder is that Ken also dated the chick. So basically he was sleeping with a girl who was named after his son and who was pretending to be his sister. Fuck, wrestling is messed up.

Anyways, here’s to hoping Ryan Shamrock rises through the rankings over the next few years and smashes an aging Tito Ortiz in the Octagon sometime in the future. Then we could go to Webster’s and have them add that in the dictionary as the new definition of irony.