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How many last chances does one fighter get?

I have no idea how the hell Chris Lytle keeps on getting fights in the UFC. This guy has had more last chances to prove his worth as a fighter than Britney Spears has to prove she’s not a fucking crack whore.

But let’s be realistic here: Chris Lytle has already gone as high as he’s gonna go. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks … unless of course you send that dog to Fairtex in Thailand for six months. But old dogs never seem to want to go to Thailand. So in that case they should be ground up and turned into dogfood.

I suppose that’s an apt analogy, because that’s what’s about to happen to Chris. He’s going to be fighting Thiago ‘Pitbull’ Alves at UFC 78, who has quietly been laying down some serious pulpings in the UFC over the past two years. His most memorable win to me was when he beat the beard off Tony DeSouza’s face, although his smashing of Kuniyoshi Hironaka was something else as well. It’s too bad it was only a preliminary fight, just like this one.

Ah well … this is kinda like a double whammy for us now: Chris Lytle gets yet another failed chance to prove he’s got what it takes, and Thiago Alves gets a respectable name to chew up and spit out. Everyone wins … except the fans that wanna see this fight. It’s stuck on the prelims, which is a shame. Fingers crossed it makes the swing bout!

  • Mike_N says:

    I usually worship at the altar of Fightlinker, but I don’t necessarily agree here. My biggest beef with Lytle is that when he gets in there with a top or upper-level guy, he becomes so focused on negating the other guy’s offense that he completely forgets to go on offense himself (witness the Serra and Hughes fights). In those cases, he seems to not realize that not getting pounded out doesn’t equal winning the fight (and yes, that’s a McCarver triple-negative). In any case, I don’t quite put Thiago Alves at that level, even though I wouldn’t fight him unless my insurance was paid up.

    Lytle’s not Rickson Gracie or anything, but he’s got good subs, good standup, and good defense, unless he happens to be fighting Joe Riggs. If he’s going for broke in all of his future fights–which he pledged to after double-tooling Ryan Jensen–then he should be entertaining at the very least. Who would you rather watch fight: Lytle or Lyoto Machida?

  • FRANKIE says:

    Other than the little diss of Machida, whom I find incredibly fun to watch, I totally agree with Mike_N. I think if Lytle comes out with the fire he had against Jensen (that was sub of the year, by the way) this will be an awesome fight, and I wouldn’t count Lytle out of it at all.

  • I’m just sick of inconsistant middle of the road guys. Make room for the new blood.

  • Mike_N says:

    I can appreciate that. I mean, if you’re going to have guys stuck in the middle of the card, why keep having the same old guys, right?

  • The Truth says:

    I concur with the Linker. Lytle had his shots, on to the next guy. Rather see a new guy get KTFO, or come out of nowhere and put a beatdown on someone, ie. Houston Alexander.

    UFC needs to put more new guys into the mix….they use the same lame fighters far too often, even after multiple losses. Only reason I can think of is to run out contracts, but even then….at the peanuts the undercard guys get paid, like Lytle….just cut em and bring on some new blood.

  • Xavier says:

    They have enough fights to keep around game, tough guys like Lytle and promote new fighters at the same time. Why waste some new guy to an Alves ass-beating when you can bring in Lytle to actually give Alves a fight? Gateway fighters are a must.

    It’d be cruel to give some schmoe his big UFC debut only to put him up against a killer like Thiago. The guy is a beast. Plus, it wouldn’t do anything for Alves anyways.

  • hbdale309 says:

    Question for the first 2 guys: When did Lytle fight Ryan Jensen?

  • godzillad says:

    Alves got handled by Spencer Fisher and then embarrassed.

    Lytle by RNC round 2.

  • Mike_N says:

    My bad…Jason Gilliam. I hate it when I get obscure Midwestern fighters confused.