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How KOTC stayed successful

I always found it kind of interesting that the only company brought into the ProElite fold that continued to be profitable afterwards was King of the Cage. I was wondering why that was, but this release from the company regarding ProElite’s shutting down provides a simple and obvious answer:

Although KOTC is a wholly owned subsidiary of PE, it has maintained its own independent operational structure since its acquisition by PE. While there may be some short term impact on KOTC’s operations, KOTC intends to fulfill all of its existing obligations and to conduct all of its scheduled events. KOTC further intends to resume normal business operations as quickly as possible and to continue to grow its brand as it has for the past 10 years.

So the reason KOTC was the only company still making money was because they were the only ones that were allowed to keep calling their own shots. Hilarious. On a more serious note it will be interesting to see if and how KOTC manages to escape the blast radius from ProElite’s collapse. There’s a good chance bankruptcy court will result in the company getting fucked over. That would suck, since KOTC has been around forever, throwing 70 events up to now as it turns 9 years old on October 30th.