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How Kim Couture did

(picture from Flickr via Jimrat)

Last nights Kim Couture vs Lina Kvokov fight at Strikeforce : Destruction was an abomination of a match and sets women’s MMA back a few steps. Kvokov had no idea what she was doing, didn’t want to be there, and broke before she even got hit once. Here’s the fight breakdown:

Couture, who suffered a broken jaw while trying to touch gloves in her first fight, didn’t bother touching gloves this time around. Instead, she stalked Kvokov, landed a combination, and then worked some knees from the Muay Thai clinch. Kvokov was clearly overmatched, appeared to be afraid to take a punch, and didn’t look like she belonged in a professional MMA fight.

The fight was mercifully stopped quickly, and Couture won a first-round TKO.

I’ve been hoping that with EliteXC out of the picture Strikeforce would pick up a bit of the slack and keep moving women’s MMA forward. Unfortunately thus far they’ve been featuring a number of completely bullshit fights featuring girls who look better in front of a camera than in the cage. And the result? The Karate Hottie vs Tyra Parks was an embarrassment and Couture vs Kvokov was a fucking farce. Women’s MMA is having a hard enough time proving it’s worth without amateurs and hobbyists muddying up the waters.

For shame, Strikeforce. FOR SHAME!