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How fucked up is Cung Le’s foot?

The big question leading into Saturday’s UFC Macau – other than how you’re gonna manage to wake up at 7:45 AM for the fights – is how Cung Le’s injured foot is doing. He injured it on Patrick Cote’s rock hard head back in July and it’s still not fully recovered:

“I would say [my foot is] 80% now. I’ve kicked a couple of my training partners in the head, [and] it still hurt a little bit, but I’m hoping by the time the fight comes on it’ll be 100 percent… whether I’m 80 or 100, I’m gonna fight… if [this fight] wasn’t in Macau, China, I’d give myself the right amount of time so my foot could really heal… I feel like martial arts basically started from China and my roots are the Chinese martial arts, and of course the UFC needed me to fight… I was not even cleared yet, [and Dana White] was like, ‘Cung’s gonna fight.’ So, a little bit of pressure, but pressure’s good.”

For a guy who’s whole schtick involves hitting you with every spinkick ever invented, going into a fight with an injured foot seems like a less than optimal situation. Maybe if this year had been flush with big fights instead of almost non-stop cancellations, we’d be pushing Cung to chill out and let that sucker heal up before stepping back into the cage. But with things the way they are, I’d rather just thank him for stepping up and staying in even with this kind of disadvantage. That’s some oldschool warrior shit right there, something I hope everyone appreciates because you’re seeing less and less of it in this sport by the day.