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How fighters will make a shitload of money off UFC 2009

It’s not much of a surprise that the UFC has built advertising into it’s UFC 2009 video game. This is a company after all that has the balls to play commercials during pay per views. But HOW they’re doing it is pretty cool and surprisingly non-douchy (or is it spelled douchey?):

Sources have intimated to MMAPayout that fighters have been given permission by THQ to select three or four sponsors from this list to appear on their fight gear and that some fighters are actively trying to sell these placements.

How much might each placement be worth? An estimated $20,000 to $75,000, depending on the popularity of the fighter.

Considering the economic climate and the fact that THQ is on the verge of collapse, I’m pretty surprised that the companies would move forward with this plan to line fighter pockets instead of just selling the adspace themselves on a consistantly updating basis (something companies like EA and Criterion are already doing). I’d hope for their sake that they’re ALSO doing this.

But still, do the math on how much they’re giving away. Averaging out the adverts at 50k per ad times 4 ads per fighter times 80 fighters in total, and you’re looking at 16 million bucks being put into fighter pockets rather than developer or promotion coffers. Pretty cool, huh?