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How far Drew Fickett has dropped

You know you’re a major fuckup when Jesse “I urinated myself on national television before getting thrown out of the UFC twice” Taylor is calling you washed up:

Bryan Levick: How did it feel when you defeated Drew Fickett back in October of last year?

Jesse Taylor: Actually, I didn’t feel as though I was fighting the best Drew Fickett. I could tell he was off and it was a good fight for me. I am not taking any credit away from myself but that wasn’t the same Drew Fickett that everyone had become accustomed to. I still feel as though I could beat the old Drew Fickett, and I felt really confident going into that fight, but he wasn’t at his best. Since that fight he has kind of gone downhill. I wish I could have fought the old Drew Fickett, it would have been more satisfying.

As dumb as Jesse Taylor is, at least he’s still managing to win. He’s won all three fights since getting ditched by the UFC as opposed to Drew who’s gone 3-6 since leaving the big leagues. So when Taylor says he has his drinking under control in this interview, I’m actually inclined to believe him. Drew … not so much. Now if only there was a cure for the stupid, then Jesse would be set!