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“How Bruce Lee Changed the World” Contest

The History Channel has just released the DVD “How Bruce Lee Changed the World”, and they were kind enough to send us two copies to give out to you jackals.

What do you have to do for it? Write an erotic poem about mixed martial arts. We make no restrictions on how long or short it is, whether it rhymes or is abstract, whether it is a limerick or a haiku or an ode or any other kind of poem. It can be whatever you want it to be, so long as it fits the description of “Erotic MMA-related poem”. You can stick your poems in the comments of this post or any other “How Bruce Lee Changed the World” contest posts over the next few days or you can email your poem to me. We’ll be sharing the better poems on the front page of the site over the next few days.

Oh, and you can submit whatever you would like but out of respect for Master Bruce (and to add a little bit of challenge), the winning entries must be swear word free. Remember ‘erotic’ doesn’t have to mean ‘filthy’ – you can tastefully titillate instead of going straight for the gutter. One copy will be given to the BEST poem and one to the FUNNIEST. Even if you don’t want to write your own poem (because of unpleasant memories of grade 9 english class, perhaps?), come on in and help us rate and rank other people’s entries!

We’ll make this nice and quick – submissions end at 4PM EST Friday and the winners will be announced a few hours later. I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!