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“How Bruce Lee Changed The World” Contest entries

Here’s some selections from our first day of the “How Bruce Lee Changed the World” DVD giveaway contest. As mentioned yesterday, all you have to do to win a copy of the History Channel’s newest DVD about our man Bruce is compose an erotic MMA-related poem. You can put yours in the comments of any of the contest threads or email me yours. Every day till Friday we’ll share some with you and then we’ll announce the winners: one for the BEST, and one for the FUNNIEST. So let’s hear what you’ve got!

From Carcass:

I once fought the young Kyra Gracie
Whose Jiu-Jitsu seemed rather pacy
I enjoyed her mount position
Caught in a triangle submission
But her panties were simply too lacy

From WickedKing:

Your grip oh so tight
Squeeze me, Harder, Tighter,
I submit to you

From Schrute Boxe:

Consequence awaits
those whom place a sudden kiss
upon Heath Herring’s lips

Subo has these two fine entries:

Seth Petruzelli
Tries to say he is not gay
I think otherwise

I want to shoot in,
get top position,
put my hooks in,
posture up,
and turtle.
All over your face.

From AngryChina:

There was a rapist who thought he was best,
He had a penis tattooed on his chest,
As he mounted his victims,
he pounded and licked them,
He creampies and leaves unimpressed.

So come on, join in and share with us that special poem you wrote about Alan Belcher’s dreamy new look. It’s okay. Well, no it’s not. But it’ll be funny, so do it anyways.