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“How Bruce Lee Changed the World” Contest Entries Part Drei

Here are some of the final highlights for our “How Bruce Lee Changed the World” contest. As mentioned before several times, all you had to do to potentially win one of two Bruce Lee DVDs was write some erotic MMA poetry. The contest is now closed but we’re delaying the announcement of winners until Monday so we can properly review all the poems and make wise choices – the amount of participation was very high and we don’t wanna miss a diamond in the rough. We’ve had two great days of submissions so far and Friday’s included some of the best entries yet. Here are some of them:

From Kwagnuth:

just because my name is gray doesn’t mean that I am gay
but for you I will try north to south any day
they say you are one handsome devil
I’ll take the mount the fans will revel
Oh yeah they tell me you are the bully
if I have my way on your hollywood face I will sully
during our encounter our bodies twist and bend
unfortunately round three just came to an end
Roger leaned in and asked him if he would like to go out for slurpees
gray replied no thanks I have herpes

From WickedKing:

Do you remember when we would hunt together
You and I
Alone in the snowy woods
Isolated for miles
And spatting firm asses
With masculine congratulation
At every felled deer
You’d sling it across your broad
Muscular shoulders
And carry our food with a tiny small

We would get home and you
Would prepare the animal
Your big strong hands
Working with a practiced precision
Sharp tugs and jerks
Until the meat submitted to your will
And we would eat and drink
Letting the heady wines
And juicy meats
Work their magic over our senses
All a prelude to the night
We would share

Oh brock come back!
Brock I miss your passion,
The sweetness that you hide!
I still have your name on my arm brock!
And I see the tattoo of me on your chest!
Let them talk brock..
We are beyond them.

From Ron:

Dueling Heel Hooks
by Ron Ellison

My foot be trapp’d ‘twixt thine arm and chest
Thy foot be trapp’d ‘twixt mine, the selfsame way
We roll and twist like babes, that unto thus, hath not walked a step
As tendon and ligament give way to shuddering agony
Thy glance fixes upon me and mine on thine
And we tap

From Frikshun

Grab hold of me, pull me close
Throw me down, we’re nose to nose
Your controlling hips, just too heavy
Working hard now, getting sweaty
Got behind you, now’s my chance
It’s sunk in deep, controlling both hands
It feels so tight, can’t blow my load
I squeeze my hardest, consciousness erodes

From mungojerrie

There once was a fellow named brock,
whom had a tattoo of a cock,
his reign was supreme,
and a wrestling fan’s dream,
but online he kept ketting mocked.

And last but not least, an entire collection of great erotic haikus (many involving Gina Carano) from Miken after the jump.

Masturbatory Martial Arts
A Collection of Erotic Haiku for MMA
by Miken

bashful, she tips scales
gust of wind, towel flutters
damn, only side boob

are fleshy twins false?
all that Kit Cope can say is
they are perfection

Gina Carano
conviction I want, I got
restraining order

lover’s strong embrace
which is beauty which is beast?
Cyborg on Cyborg

stand at attention
octagon girls start to speak
it is now half mast

an equine parade
trotting ’round the octagon

skinhead on skinhead
rolling around on the ground

hot body lotion
keeps the tan from drying out
Sexyama wins

weathered warrior gets
rejuvenating face lift
axe murder my heart

Frank Mir snatches limbs
his longing for a dick-bar
he could take one home

face of MMA
so handsome, Roger Huerta’s
eyes glued to mirror

as your power ebbs
Machida’s golden shower
restores your vigour