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Houston Alexander’s club story

It’s always fun talking about the wacky ways in which MMA fighters nearly get themselves killed. In this case, here’s Houston Alexander learning that no matter how badass you might be, there’s always people out there with guns who are willing to take things way too far. Here’s a story he told MMA Junkie about the time he got shot at a club:

“I went there and was waiting on my order. A friend of mine that was having a good time at this place, and from what I understood, one of these guys was kind of acting a little rowdy. He ended up slapping a friend of mine on the dance floor because she wouldn’t dance with this guy. He slapped her.”

Alexander said he wasn’t looking for controversy but felt he needed to address the situation.

“I end going up to the guy and saying, ‘Hey, you need to chill out,'” Alexander said. “So this guy got to mouthing off at me. Physical conflict is the last thing I want to get into, but this guy kept mouthing off and mouthing off. Finally I just told the guy, ‘Look. If you keep mouthing off I’m going to smack you in your mouth.’

“Then he said something and physically challenged me or something like that, so I ended up hauling off on the guy. So I’m punching the guy, kneeing the guy, and the guy is not getting one punch in. So he rushes out the door.

“Now mind you, this is after hours. This is 2:30 a.m. They’re pulling us out the doorway, the bouncers are. So I hear this, ‘Bang!'”

It didn’t take Alexander long to figure out that the loud bang was a gunshot.

“Someone in his group handed him a gun,” Alexander said. “According to the bodyguards, because I didn’t see it, the guy had the gun up to my head. The bodyguard actually knocked the gun downward, and the guy ended up shooting toward the floor.

“There was a back entrance in the back that I ran out. As soon as I head the shot, I knew what it was. I ran out the back door in two-point-five seconds. I ran out the door. And I’m running, and I look down ay my pants. I’m like, ‘Why are my pants so wet?’

“I got shot in the leg.”

I had a similar “Why are my pants so wet?” moment but it was after an especially scary part in Twilight and it wasn’t blood all over the place.