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Houston Alexander vs Eric Schafer (maybe) at UFN14

(this is why I’m an Eric Schafer fan)

Houston Alexander needs to prove that he doesn’t flop like a fish out of water the second a fight goes to the gound. Eric Schafer needs to prove that he doesn’t fold like a lawn chair the second someone punches him. In order to simplify things for everyone, the UFC has decided to kill two birds with one stone, throwing the two fighters against eachother to see who’ll sink and who will swim. Or so says Duke Rufus, who claims the fight will take place on September 17th at Ultimate Fight Night 14. This gives both guys time to train their asses off and shore up their massive shortcomings.

  • fightfan says:

    Couldnt of said it better myself. ALthough I do beleive people like Schaffaer do not even belong in mma. They are grapplers and belong in BJJ contest, not FIGHTS. It is so ackward watching one dimensionals such as red go in with his head down and eyes shut, hoping he doesnt get hit, for the takedown.

    Then again the UFC needs people like that to feed to TUF winners to ensure TUF’s do not lose and they will be heavy favorites. Alberto Crane, Sinosec, McCarthy…..the list could go on and on…….of those who should stick to BJJ and leave the fighting to those who can actually throw down

  • #1 Jackal says:

    has any one heard where ufn 14 might be? i heard that it might be in florida or something like that

  • I’ve just heard possibly Florida too.
    Ryan likes guys in pink poke-a-dot banana hammocks

  • Houston "Glass Jaw" Alexander says:

    I can’t handle myself on the ground but I also can’t take a punch. I really don’t have much to stand on now that my fluke performances are out of the way. :(

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    Schafer isn’t fighting to stay in, AFAIK, his last two fights were out of the UFC. But more importantly…


  • MarleyMarl says:

    I like Houston Alexander, though i was really disappointed when he get fked up so fast against Irvin. Hopefully we can see some more entertaining fights from him. When he knocked out Keith Jardine, it was great.

  • Asa says:


    The Honorable Mr. Dookiefuck is correct! Double You Tee Eff, people!

  • el feo XIII says:

    I still like Houston. He’s got all those kids to feed so he needs to win and stick around in the UFC.