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Houston Alexander saves girl from sitting in car

If you were wondering how Houston Alexander still has a job while guys like Jason MacDonald are outta work, it’s because Houston has a shitload of karma saved up from saving children. We’ve already detailed his role as a single dad to several children and how he gave a kidney to his daughter. Now he’s in the papers again for another child-related good deed:

According to, Alexander discovered a child left alone and crying inside an unlocked Chevy Lumina in a parking lot near his hometown of Ohama, Nebraska, and stayed with the girl until she was safe.

After searching local businesses for her family, the child’s mother was found at a local plasma center giving blood, accompanied by a cousin who was supposedly left in charge of watching the girl.

The police have charged the mother with Misdemeanor Child Neglect and notified Protective Services regarding the incident.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after a few bad experiences, it’s that you shouldn’t leave babies in a sealed up car because the sun will quickly cook their underdeveloped brains like a pizza pocket. But since when has it become a fucking crime to leave your shitty kid behind in a car?

Thinking back, I used to get left in the car all the time and I only managed to get that thing out of park once. And it’s not like the mother was out buying crack or anything. She was giving blood for fuck’s sake. So until it comes out that she was giving blood for money to buy crack, I’m gonna say child neglect seems a bit much.