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Houston Alexander is in denial

MMAWeekly has an interesting two part interview with Houstarnes Alexander where he tries to shine the turd he dropped against Kimbo Slice a few weeks ago at the TUF 10 finale:

MMAWeekly: So you wanted to get in tight…

Alexander: Yeah, and so it’s funny how people are saying also that, ‘you ran from Kimbo.’ But no one’s saying how Kimbo didn’t come in. He didn’t go rushing in at me. You usually see him coming in at people. He didn’t come at me. No one’s saying that.

MMAWeekly: Dana White said Kimbo was chasing after you and you didn’t want to fight.

Alexander. Awww, Kimbo was chasing after me? Did you see Kimbo chasing after me and did you see him actually try and engage?

MMAWeekly: Honestly, I didn’t see a whole lot of engaging in the first place.

Alexander: He wasn’t engaging. This is part of the fight game. People are just wanting to see two of us go at it, with no game plan, no nothing, and just go in and start wailing on each other. I thought MMA was about something other than that. Apparently, that’s what they wanted. And that’s part of the entertainment, that’s part of being a fighter, but I also thought being a fighter was strategizing and going in there with a game plan.

It’s too bad Zuffa took down that Benny Hill version of the Kimbo / Houston fight because when you speed the fight up to 5 times it’s normal speed and add yakety sax it makes it a lot more entertaining. It also proves without a shadow of a doubt that Kimbo was constantly moving forward while Houston was most certainly moving backwards.

Part two has it’s own collection of gems, including Alexander saying this was just his evolved fighting style and it’s unfair that Lyoto Machida can run but he can’t. Of course comparing what Houston did to what Machida does is like trying to compare lay and pray to world class jiu jitsu. But I guess we can’t be surprised that Houston has no idea what he’s talking about. He admits in the interview that he hasn’t even watched the fight again. Not that I blame him. If I had the moment my career went down the toilet captured on film, I wouldn’t be eager to watch it either.