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Houston Alexander is an okay guy

Like everyone else, I enjoyed Houston Alexander’s awesome knockout of Keith Jardine at UFC72. Past that point I wasn’t too hot on him … a hip hop dj with ‘hundreds’ of underground fights? Yawn. He came off kinda hokey screaming “Nebraska!” over and over, but I’ll forgive him in light of this interview with UFCJunkie.

It’s a long read but worth it … we get to hear the story behind Houston and he comes off as a sincere and intelligent individual. The only thing I could find to make fun of is the fact that his supplement sponsor’s name is ‘8-Ball Nutrition‘.

So here’s what it comes down to next week: 8-Balls or bison meat? Which product produces a winning fighter? I guess we’ll have to wait until Saturday to find out!

  • Cyrus says:

    Totally gotta disagree with you on this one. Let’s name the things we can make fun of in this interview:

    1. Houston mentions his interest in showing us a “Mafia Choke”. Houston, please stick to knocking guys like Jardine out of, then back into, then back out of consciousness using.. your.. fists.

    2. Houston’s coach/manager talks almost as much as him during the interview. Shut the fuck up, Jesus Christ! Let your boy fucking talk, he seems pretty smart. Crazy Irish bastard shining on the limelight.

    3. Ok, more on the crazy coach. Houston and him were hyping up some snake-doctor, snake-oil, who knows linament rub that his coach sells. What… the… fuck. I don’t even have a smart response to that.

    4. Bob Schirmer is “The best kept secret in MMA?” From this, you’d think that Ol’ Bob’s Denis Kang or something, not just some aging GRAPPLER. What’s the secret? That you can have a 0-2 record and never fight again? That’s not a fucking secret! Maybe people think MMA=GRAPPLING these days, I dunno.

    there’s more, but I’m tired and need to rub one off before I go to bed.

  • Lord Beasley says:

    I did a boatload of research on Alexander when he was announced as Jardine’s opponent. Based on all that, I still think the guy is a going to do something crazy that will make Babalu look like a Disney character. His fight with Chuck Parmalee was really strange. In his last fight before his UFC debut, he should have been DQd for throwing several knees to the head of his downed opponent. Monte Cox apparently save him with a No Contest. I get the feeling something is off balance in him.

  • johnny says:

    how is he the favorite over sakara?

  • Sakara’s been a little bit spotty, although it’ll be interesting to see how he does now that he’s over in America training. Alexander got an impressive knockout on PPV … Sakara did a number on Victor Valamaki but that was in the dark matches.

    Interesting the comments about houston being a bit wierd. Cyrus knows enough about what Alexander’s saying to start my bullshit meter rining.

  • Rollo the Cat says:

    I gotta say Houston just has more ways to win than Sakara. He can KO you, beat you in the clinch, slam you into unconsciousness or pound you out from the top. Sakara can KO Houston using more technical boxing and is a better submissions guy (brown belt in BJJ), but I don’t know how he uses his submissions in MMA.

    Close fight. I put the over under at 1:30 of the first round and I’ll take the under.

  • Cyrus says:

    Sakara’s been a little bit spotty lately? Dude! He’s like 2/5 in the UFC against opponents with a collective 56W/34L record. That’s not great. I like Sakara and agree with fightlinker that Valimaki’s not a bad TKO – that’s guy took Tiger White to a decision and beat down old man Severn. But, I’ll be clear: Alessio is nowhere near being the class of fighter that doesn’t need to sweat over a battle with a dynamic, explosive, brawling (and potentially cuckoo for coco puffs) fighter like Alexander. He’s probably getting knocked out, and I’m seconding Rollo’s POV on the short timeframe. Maybe not 90 seconds, tho!

    My bitch is over the fact that Sakara keeps getting invited back to the UFC. Apparently, grinding out a careful, technical, and, yes, boring, win over a guy who’s TKO’d or submitted: Aleksander Emelianenko, Gabriel Gonzaga, Kristouf Midoux, Tengiz Tedoradze, Roman Zentzov, and Allistair Overem – gets you sidelined by Dana and a tile shot revoked (see: Andrei Arlovski)

    Losing predictably to fighters with crappy records cause they’re getting carefully built up by the UFC Machine gets you invited back early and often. Neat story.

  • Well to be fair Arlovski’s out until a contract is re-negotiated, not because he’s been a bit boring lately. Although you can’t deny his performance is probably the UFC’s excuse for trying to keep Arlovski’s money down.

    On that note though, consider this: the only two guys off the top of my head who the UFC has done this to are Vera and Arlovski. It turned out Vera’s offer was more than reasonable, and his manager was being a retard. Is it possible that the same thing is going on with Arlovski’s managers?

    Say what you will about the UFC’s underpaying of it’s lower tier guys, but I’ve never heard of them cheaping out on a bigger name fighter like Arlovski

  • Matt says:

    Ive eaten bison backstrap before.. Its really worth trying.. I know from experience that it WILL put some hair on your chest so maybe it should be tested.. This may explain the Sherk steriod situation..

  • DJ Hapa says:


    The Sakara you saw against Valimaki will be the one you see on Saturday. He had major problems with his training/managers before. I think he is on the right track. I support bringing him back. We’ll find out if it is good enough.