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Houston Alexander coming back at UFC83?

So here I am, sitting on a train. To think I thought “Oh, the train has WiFi, I’ll be able to spend the 7 hour trip writing posts and mucking around on the new site. Well, that would have been the case if ViaRail’s WiFi didn’t consist of two tin cans connected with a string.

Anyways, we’ll forge ahead because assholes never rest. The big news today is that people are talking about Houston Alexander again. Yeah, him … the guy everyone heralded as the second coming of Jesus till he got mounted and destroyed at UFC78. Other than the explosive sound of everyone jumping off his bandwagon, we haven’t heard much relating to Houston since then.

Now word is Houston is getting a soft rebound in the form of James “the Sandman” Irvin. James has the worst luck in the world. His knee spontaneously exploded against Thiago Silva back at UFC71, and then for his comeback fight he won … because the other guy dropped a knee in his face on the ground.

Now the poor bastard is getting into the ring with Houston Alexander, who I have no doubt will be pissed off and ready to pound someone harder than he did to Keith Jardine. Does Irvin have the ground game to beat Alexander? I dunno … I didn’t really feel like going through ViaRail WiFi hell looking it up. But at a glance things don’t look too good.

  • fightfan says:

    Hey FL, I was not able to send Instant Message to you. That link doesnt seem to be working yet. But just wanted to say that new layout seems pretty kick ass from what I have seen so far. Looks good!

  • jackal-shitstain says:

    Houston Alexander- pissed off and ready to pound some cracker ass. Coming to a city near you.

  • fightfan says:

    Unless Irvin trips on the way to the Octagon and breaks something, I can see him giving Houston a fight.

    Irvin has got to be pissed off. Last fight he gets the onset of alhzheimers a few years closer, the one before that his knee blows out for no reason at all. So I can see Irvin being pissed off and ready to bang. though this could be a bad thing and make for s short fight. But anyhow I think that they will be throwing bombs

  • Yup, I’m down with another banger. They could feed houston banger fights his entire career and i’d be happy. Fighters like him and matches like these are what made Pride so much fun.

  • Accomando says:

    Anyone see Irvin’s fight vs. Mike Kyle in the UFC?

    Irvin is a dead man.

  • he’s another guy i don’t really understand why he’s in the UFC

  • Irvin did send Terry Martin to the flatlands and he flattened Silva first before his knee took a nap…..

  • Oh. yeah…

    You heard it here first. Irvin will beat Alexander Houston. Houston is going to come out and try to duplicate his first two victories and he is going to get caught…..

  • frickshun says:


    Terry Martin was killing Irvin b4 he got caught. Have you only watched the 3 second highlight? When he fought “Sick Dog”, they were just standing & trading. Dumb luck that Hector got caught b4 he did. I would not put any $$ on Irvin in this fight. Hell, Irvin lost to fucking Bonnar.

  • frickshun,
    I’ve seen the fight too many times to be honest. Irvin has knockout power is the point.
    Yes, Irvin has almost reached V8 status, but when he does connect, he hurts people….

  • And what’s up with talking about Bonnar….
    He led the TUF revolution…

  • frickshun says:

    Bonnar led a revolution?? I like the guy & hope to keep seeing him improve. But in his Forrest rematch, you could see he didn’t improve. He pretty much dominated Irvin. I have a feeling Houston is much stronger & will be able to outwrestle him b4 pounding him out. Irvin fights like it’s a fucking Toughman competition. I’d like to see a little skill.

  • Bonnar is the classic case of a man without a camp; sort of like Carlos Newton. After Ceasar Gracie died he was lost for a while..

  • frickshun says:

    Fun fact: Carlos Newton’s nickname (Ronin) means wandering or “masterless” samurai.

  • Yeah i was gonna say … i think bonnar’s back on track now. He smashed the last guy he fought. Wasn’t even competitive.

  • godzillad says:

    You guys forgot to mention the Goldberg-esque spear through the cage that Bobby Southworth did to Irvin last summer.

    Irvin by Flying Knee. Mark it down.