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Houston Alexander and that annoying mount thingy

Goddamn the mount! If this insidious position didn’t exist, perhaps Houston Alexander might actually get to fulfill the role he lives in Dana White’s dreams every night (that’s sexy KO champ, if you didn’t know). As it is, he’s still an exciting fighter but yeah … you simply can’t let dudes mount you. That’s kinda sorta bad.

Eric Schafer impressed me in a bit of a strange way: he ate a bunch of shots at the beginning of the fight and kept on going. While he’s still got a hole in his game that’s equal to the hole in Houston’s, at least he showed it wasn’t a total Achilles heel. Eric SUCKS at striking, but at least he can take a licking. That’ll get him somewhere, but not very far.

Last things: props to Schafer for shouting out Evan Tanner. I bet they send Houston out to farm for a bit but they don’t cut him completely. Aren’t you glad this fight wasn’t reffed by Dan Mirgayliatta? Houston would have won at the beginning and we wouldn’t have gotten to see that sweet choke from Schafer at the end.