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Hormone replacement therapy

It’s T-Minus 13 days until Chael Sonnen gets his day in front of the CSAC to answer for his failed drug test and we’re starting to get some whiffs of what his defense is going to be. Dave Meltzer reports that Sonnen will tell them he’s ‘medically prescribed testosterone due to a low level in his system.’ German UFC commentator Oliver Copp adds this in a message board post:

These are the facts, as best I can ascertain.
– Sonnen is on Hormone Replacement Therapy.
– HRT is a “permanent therapy” and not something you do for three months and then are done with it.
– When he fought Okami in LA, Sonnen declared it, jumped through hoops and did the entire shebang.
– CSAC approved it.
– Sonnen came back to fight in Cali again and, since HRT is a permanent therapy and in his case had been approved by CSAC before, he didn’t think he’d have to jump through hoops AGAIN.
– Unbeknownst to him, CSAC had changed since his last fight in California and the new commission wanted to turn over a new leaf and be nothing like the commission of old.

Copp and Meltzer then went back and forth on HRT, with Copp implying that Matt Hughes is another athlete who has done it. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of HRT in MMA other than whispers a few years ago that Randy Couture was doing it and accusations that it was borderline performance enhancing. I have no idea what different commissions say or what the deal is, but it certainly is interesting to learn that hormone replacement therapy may not be as uncommon as you’d think in the UFC. The plot thickens…

  • GoldenArms says:

    b b b but matt hughes has farm boy strength!!! it has nothing to do with the cattle steroids he ingests or the human hormones he replaces with horse hormones!!! these fuck faces are straight up doping. how is subo and kevin iole going to spin this?

  • malonth says:

    Yes, it sounds like these guys have found some kind of loophole to dope. Isn’t hormone replacement therapy for elderly women? Strange that these fairly young mma athletes need it!

  • agentsmith says:

    @ malonth:

    If you read the linked article, it says:

    “A lot of guys who have cut weight from an early age develop testosterone deficiency. The exact mechanism isn’t fully understood yet but dehydrating your body badly and rehydrating over an extended period of time increases the chances of doing damage to your endocrine system by as much as 5,000 percent.”
    “According to Kizer, Sonnen never applied or was approved for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).”
    “The only name fighter who has applied for and gotten the exemption is Dan Henderson, who tests at below-normal levels even while receiving the TRT. Any fighters undergoing TRT in Nevada still need to test at levels where a fighter without an exemption would pass.”

    In other words, guys with a long background in wrestling can end up killing their own ability to produce testosterone, hence Matt Hughes and Hendo and apparently Sonnen are all candidates for it. But at least in Nevada, what prevents abuse of this potential loophole is that your testosterone still has to test at normal levels even while on TRT, thereby proving that you actually needed it.

  • malonth says:

    I’m not sure I believe the notion that frequent dehydrating can lead to lower testosterone production. As always with athletes, when they want something that has been banned, they and their doctors find creative medical reasons to get it to them.

    Baseball is a case in point. Back in the day before drug testing, many baseball players used to take amphetamines. One can only imagine how grueling it is to play a season of major league baseball. Well the league bans amphetamines. But the players find out that you can get a legal prescription of Adderral (an amphetamine) if you have, for example, “attention deficit disorder.” Well there has been an explosion in the number of MLB players coming down with the dreaded attention deficit disorder.

  • Tanhauser says:

    Maybe he’s got caner?

    That would suck.

  • iamphoenix says:

    ^being a republican is a form of cancer.

  • Simco says:

    Malonth, instead of debating your post point by point, I’ll be concise and just suggest you actually do research instead of forming your opinions on what appears to be hearsay and plain guessing.

    I don’t think testosterone supplementation should come as a surprise to anyone aside from those who believe PEDs aren’t prevalent amongst athletes.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    sounds like malonth is using teabagger science.

    If it has a legal medical benefit outside the cage let them use it.

    I hate wrestlers and the idea that they are killing themselves slowly sounds awesome but then again im an asshole.

  • chiggs says:

    Not sure how peeps forgot so easily, but there was a big enough ‘todo’ a couple years back about fighters and HRT, in particular a Mr. Randy Couture at the forefront of the topic. So it doesnt surprise me all that much that that is Chaels excuse tbh…dudes a fuckin Politician, probably has a whole slew of shit prepared for times like this…

    The idea of Older and injury prone fighters taking HRT and HGH isnt all that surprising. Sucks that Chael, as well a a ton other I’d imagine, is probably just using this as a bullshit excuse to get off all the while being able to, moreorless, juice legally. Think theres a WHOLE LOT more to this shit storm of a story then we’ll ever truly find out the truth about.

  • Grass Hoppa says:

    They are only taking it because they have been tested to have NO test in thier systems. It is not juicing.

    They are making up a self-imposed deficit they inflicted on themselves earlier in life. I’m not going to call them stupid, they areadly know that and are reminded by the weekly or monthly injections.

    If they take it, and they exceed normal daily levels (50 or 70 ml i believe), then they should be punished accordingly.

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