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Hopefully the last Dancing with the Stars post ever on this site

The Dancing with the Stars train made another stop yesterday and this time it was Chuck Liddell who was left behind at the station. A combination of shitty judging scores and low voter call-ins booted him off the show, freeing me from the obligation of ever having to watch that trite bullshit show again. Here’s some money quotes from Chuck and his dance partner Anna Trebunskaya:

“I had fun. We had a good time, made a run at it,” said Liddell after his elimination was revealed. “It’s difficult. It’s hard to do. We made a shot at it.”

“I had so much fun working with you,” Trebunskaya told Liddell. “You are a gentle giant. You are my bear and you are my hippo. But I love working with you. You made me so proud each single week you danced. I’m so proud of you.”

I dunno what she meant by ‘bear’ and ‘hippo’, but it’s never a good thing when your professional dance partner is calling you that (unless it’s some kind of strange Russian sex slang, in which case bravo Chuck). Anna elaborated on Chuck’s shortcomings on Good Morning America:

“He wasn’t a very good dancer to start with,” Anna Trebunskaya told Chris Cuomo on “Good Morning America” today. “He had to work a lot [on] his dancing footwork and dancing ability. Totally different from fighting.”

Liddell also had to work on his tendency to look upset when he was concentrating.

“I said you have to smile, you cannot scare people,” Trebunskaya joked. “You have to look like you’re enjoying yourself.”

Trebunskaya said Liddell “had been getting better and better… he finally got the posture going, then we got the Country Two Step and all the things we worked on…I don’t know where they went.”

Funny thing about that last comment – it’s pretty much exactly what Chuck’s striking coach said after the Shogun fight.