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Hong Man Choi’s got a rap album?

BloodyElbow dug up this article from the Korea Times drubbing Hong Man Choi for getting the nod against Fedor (sure, it’s not official but over in Korea it’s considered a worse kept secret than Rampage as TUF coach was over here).

Choi is still licking the wounds from his embarrassing loss to LeBanner Saturday, when he barely threatened the hard-hitting Frenchman and was fortunate to avoid a knockout.

The loss was especially embarrassing since it was the first match since Choi turned himself into a national joke last month by releasing a hip-hop album with model and wannabe pop star Kang Su-hui, although LeBanner would surely say he did well for a singer.

Among the biggest fighters in the world at 2.18 meters and 160 kilograms, Choi, a former folk wrestling champion, is good at being tall but not much else, a walking eyesore of an athlete who fights with the skills and grace of a potato.

This isn’t the first time Choi has been on the receiving end of a drubbing by the Korean media. Apparently over the summer everyone shat on him for singlehandedly ruining K1 Dynamite. How dare he have a tumor, after all!

As for the rap album, I am officially asking you guys, my readers, to help locate this musical abortion so we can post it up here for everyone’s enjoyment!

**UPDATE** Thanks to intenso for the video of Hong Man Choi dancing to his first single

  • Beau says:

    I can’t believe Fedor is going to fight this guy. I’m sorry but Fedor has become a god damn joke. Best in the world my ass. He was like 4 years ago. Saying Fedor is #1 fighter in the world is like saying Larry Holmes is the best boxer alive. I mean his record is nearly spotless and he beat butter bean in a freak show. Or maybe Rocky Marciano, I know he’s dead and all but he’s still undefeated.

  • MacDaddy says:

    If you’re a Korean fighter and you don’t defeat every non-Korean you ever face then you are considered a national disgrace. If you lose to a Jap they will burn you alive. After all the Koreans invented all martial arts, especially the ones the Japanese invented first.

  • Almost as good as Bob Sapp’s music video.

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain) says:

    I think Fedor should rap after his victory. Freaks.

  • Maybe those ‘special rules’ they were talking about meant RAP BATTLE!

  • fightfan says:

    You ever been in the same room as someone acting like a total douche and embarrasing the hell out of themsleves????? And its rubs off on you and you feel just as gay and stupid as the moron embarrasing himself???

    Well, this was one of those times, I felt the embarassment on this side of my pc.


  • Boshy Claus says:

    Bob Sapp’s video was 10x better.

  • Xavier says:

    “a walking eyesore of an athlete who fights with the skills and grace of a potato.”

    Best fighter description ever. Fedor vs. Potato.

  • ajadoniz says:

    lol potato. very nice. Bob Sapp vs Choi in a rap battle to the death… of the audience.

  • Jackie Chiles says:

    “They’re break dance fighting!”

  • pf says:

    k-1 should just break down and either convince genki sudo to unretire or hire him to choreograph choi’s entrances.