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Hong Man Choi is not a favorite

Check out the odds on the K1 World Grand Prix this Saturday:

All undercard changes aside, two-time defending champion Semmy Schilt (Pictures) remains a heavy favorite with the bookmakers at a value of 2-1, followed by his predecessor as champion, Bonjasky, at 5-1 and the duo of Choi and Hari at 6-1. Glaube Feitosa and Junichi Sawayashiki are the biggest outsiders at 26-1 each.

Well, I suppose 6-1 is better than 26-1 odds. What’s funny is that Choi has actually beaten Semmy Schilt before, although Schilt has a better overall record against all the other tournament fighters. Two of Choi’s losses come against tournament fighters … Remy Bojasky beat him on scorecards and tournament reserve Mighty Mo actually knocked Choi out – the only guy ever to do that.

  • Asa says:

    I can’t help but notice that Mo’s bod was deemed Not-Ready-For-Posters.

  • Well, mo was in a second alternate match until this morning … now he’s in the first, meaning he’s got a much much better chance of getting into the main tournament

  • dignan says:

    How did they get Remy to look so damn black in that photo.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    I guess this means Choi will not be facing Fedor on NYE. Who the heck is he going to be fighting then??

    Christ, what a train wreck Fedor’s career has become! He used to be so bad-ass before. Now he is just an ass.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    By the way, I think Choi’s head might actually be bigger than Pumpkin Head Tito Ortiz’. If not, it is very close…

  • dignan says:

    When Peter Aerts head looks regular size, you know somethings up.

    It’s like Sputnik!

  • Mobb Deep says:

    “I guess this means Choi will not be facing Fedor on NYE. Who the heck is he going to be fighting then??”

    Hopefully he’ll fight a real MMA fighter instead of a Choi. Seriously, hes big and all, but he will get taken down and subbed within the first minute. Shit, Fedor vs Monson or Arona would be a bigger challenge. Fuckin Fedor.

  • ilostmydog says:

    When you say Choi has beaten Semmy before, be sure to be liberal with your use of of quotation marks around “beat.”

  • okay by beat i mean won a controversial decision in Korea. What’s fishy about that??????? 😉

  • Swedish guy says:

    One should throw a few bucks on feitosa. He doesn’t suck that bad and he has a chance of winning. He won’t, probably, but if it pays 26 to 1…

  • penxv says:

    It looks like Hong Man Choi could eat those guys.

  • pgamil says:

    choi did go the distance with semmy schilt. i give him that.
    the decision was biased. Schilt deserved the win.

    also the rounds were short , it want MMA, and the ref broke up all the clinches quickly.

    schilt cut choi’s left eye it recieved lots of time to close during which choi rested

    schilt scored a knock down via leg kick which in MMA would have lead to GnP.
    choi lost clearly. and if it continued schilt would have contnued to kick choi’s legs and open up the cut on chois eye.

    disgraceful decision.

    nothing against choi he’s interesting to watch he not well rounded but he’s big heavy and smart.

    fedor will kick his legs out from the back of the knees and beat him into 2 easier to manage 3′ 7″ pieces of ground beef and wash them back with the blood.

    choi bloodied schilt nose slightly