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Hong Man Choi can’t get any love

Hong Man Choi is getting no love whatsoever from his home country of Korea:

Major newspaper My Daily wrote that “no one ever thought this was a fair fight” and Choi had won a “shameful victory,” and Okawa reports that the feeling is the same throughout the “Techno Goliath’s” home country.

The same article implies that Choi will take on Minowaman in the next round of the Super Hulk Tournament, and basically says that Choi will disgrace himself no matter who he faces in the tournament because of the size disparity between he and the other fighters.

The exciting thing about this news isn’t that Choi is getting shit on (they also shit on him for being part of the most awesome movie ever, so they’re just moron haters as far as I’m concerned), but that we now know the matchups for the next round of the Super Hulk tournament: Minowaman vs Hong Man Choi and Sokoudjou vs Mousasi.

It’s unfortunate that Choi will look like a douche win or lose against Minowaman, but I’m willing to live with that to get Sokoudjou vs Mousasi. As far as this tournament goes, it’s the most legitimate fight you’re gonna see, so I’m glad it’s guaranteed to happen even though it might have been a nifty semi-legit final.

Oh, and for anyone counting: this will be Minowa’s sixth giant fight … the others being Semmy Schilt, Giant Silva, Butterbean, Zuluzinho, and Bob Sapp.