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Holy shit: Strikeforce lives through 2012

Contrary to what his last name would lead us to expect, it looks like Strikeforce general manager Scott Coker may not be smoking crack after all. We’ve all been laughing for months at him, and not just because he’s a fatty fatty fat fat. We also laughed at him for saying that Strikeforce will extend its contract with Showtime. But now, after months of Dana White washing his hands of the situation with Showtime while flashing the sheepish grin of a dog that’s just butt-dragged a fetid line of ass juice onto your bed, the UFC president is saying that StrikeForce is staying on Showtime in 2012:

[Strikeforce is] staying, and hopefully I’ll have all the information for you next week. Just sit and wait and watch what I do. Trust me, it’s going to be just fine… I know I keep saying this every week, but that deal should be wrapped up any day now, and then I’ll make the decisions on who goes where and what’s going to happen. So we should know hopefully by Monday.

ESPN’s Josh Gross tweeted regarding the situation that the fees Showtime pays will be reduced significantly under the contract extension, perhaps being cut by as much as half, even though the original contract called for a large increase in payments in 2012. Evidently Showtime used the fact that the UFC is stealing talent from Strikeforce like innocence from little boys at Penn State to finagle themselves a better deal. (As per UFC Rape Joke Protocol® sec. 2, Penn State jokes are acceptable.)

I know that we (ok, just I) try to maintain solidarity with the other writers at FL, but I could sit on the toilet for hours and still not shit out a reason why Subo would write that Strikeforce is a “piece of crap” and that MMA would be better off without it. This contract extension will definitely be a very good thing for fans, because not only do we get to see Josh Barnett and Daniel Cormier fight in March, women’s MMA will continue to have a home under the Zuffa/Forza banner. And if (as Dana White bringing up the WEC in conversation about Strikeforce would indicate) StrikeForce is to become the AAA league of the UFC, then we’ll get to see lots of not-yet-shot-but-lost-a-couple-fights UFC vets getting their rebound matches nationally televised. (Elliot Marshall, anyone?) Or maybe the WEC comparison means that we’ll get to see the addition of 115lb, 105lb, and ” target=”_blank”>midget weight classes. Either way, sign me up.

This will be a good thing for Zuffa as well, because it will keep Zuffa’s Japanese rape tentacle (can we say that anymore?) gripping talent that could otherwise be snapped up by Bellator or others in a second. And the reduced price may have already led Showtime to conclude that it no longer needs M-1 on its network; this would certainly lead to jubilation within Zuffa that it has ripped another asshole into yet another enterprising competitor. Just like the asshole of a… never mind.

  • Garp says:

    I’m praying to my imaginary friend in the sky Strikeforce will consider rolling their HW division into the UFC while opening a 225 lb Cruiserweight division, 195 lb Middlishweight division, and so on so they can find homes for guys like Rich Franklin and Josh Koscheck (not that I’m much interested in seeing Koscheck fight anywhere) who keep whining about weight cutting to their appropriate divisions but are too small for their less-whiny weightcut-less divisions.
    And besides, it would be entertaining to hear guys who got their asses whupped at 170 then compete in Strikeforce in a 175, 180, or 177.5 division and claim they’re better than the guy who whupped their ass at 170 if only their opponent would eat deep-dish pizza and come to Strikeforce.
    Can you imagine the Shitdog forums? They’d go apeshit over those types of debates. And I imagine their might be a handful of fighters who feel caught between one division and another who would fight for less $ if they felt they could compete without going all Florian and shit.
    Oh, and they should keep the women’s 135 lb division and hope more fighters become available over time (for dating).

  • Symbul says:

    Nice post.

    What I really want to know is what they want to do with Strikeforce. The WEC was bought and kept around partially to hog the airwaves over at Versus so competing promotions wouldn’t get a foot in the door there. But with Bellator being earmarked for SPIKE already they have no such motivation this time around. M-1 Global isn’t going to take the US MMA market over by storm anytime soon.

    The WEC was a way to nurture the sub-lightweight divisions under the Zuffa umbrella and the only thing Strikeforce has that the UFC doesn’t is women’s fights (I’m not going to call them “divisions” at this point).

    I like pictures of Gina and Ronda as much or even more than the next guy but you guys know the track record for women’s sports, right? By and large, people do not care about them. Some notable exception exist, like golf and tennis, but women’s boxing is a joke.

    Still, I can’t say there’s no way it becomes a viable entity. If they consolidate everyone into a 135lbs division like they seem to be doing, they MIGHT be able to scrounge up enough talent on the regular to have something vaguely resembling a real MMA division. Gina became a marketable commodity, so it’s possible they could repeat some of that with someone else.

    What I try to keep in mind though is that the public at large doesn’t have our viewpoint into MMA. I know all the women who have done anything of substance in MMA more or less, but that’s only because there’s just a handful of them out there and I’m already spending a lot of time following MMA in general.

    It won’t all be about the women’s division. They could keep the “Challengers” theme and use it as a feeder league for the UFC. They don’t need a feeder league at all but I guess if the fees from Showtime are enough to keep them in the black, that’s something they might be content with.

  • SkippyKid says:

    I’m starting to really dig Dick’s writing.

    Still have an unreal and silly amount of links, but gives me a chuckle each time.

    Way to go Dicknuts..

  • Letibleu says:

    too many words

  • iamphoenix says:

    yeah…same here leti. i read the title and was like…too many words bro.if anything, god hates words more than faggots.