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Holy shit, it IS a title fight

The rematch?

Via the diligent and under-appreciated efforts of Nick Thomas at BE, listening to Mauro Ranallo’s voice so you don’t have to:

MARCH 2 – Mauro interviewed CBS Vice President of Programming Kelly Kahl – Highlights:

– Announcing that Herschel Walker will likely not be on the Strikeforce CBS card.

– Fedor Emelianenko not being on the card because of M-1 disputes.

– Whether or not CBS will air more MMA content other than the 3 fights themselves.

– A possible fourth title fight added to the CBS [May 15th] card between Brett Rogers and Alistair Overeem (also confirmed by Alistair Overeem, comment available in podcast).

So Rogers/Overeem is for the belt. Yes, I see you out there, drooling in anticipation of me going right from bitching about Overeem in a non-title fight to bitching about Rogers getting a title shot after a loss. And sure, I could say that Fabricio Werdum is getting shafted worse than anybody else, seeing as how he won his last fight and doesn’t get a shot at the belt. Oh, and he’s already beaten Alistair. But it’s all meaningless. It’s all window dressing. And – much as when the history books will fleetingly remember the fall of Strikeforce – it’s all about Fedor.

Fedor will never be the Strikeforce champion because he doesn’t want to be the Strikeforce champion. Here we have Overeem, big and bad, K-1 KO artist, possibly the most intriguing challenger outside of the UFC to Fedor (I’m omitting Josh Barnett because I hate him). If they have Fedor/Werdum (three rounds, Werdum still recovering from the JDS knockout), Arlovski/Bigfoot (both coming off of losses, Arlovski two straight) and Overeem/Rogers (Overeem’s first title defense in over two years is against a guy Fedor just beat, while Fedor is on the same card, in the only five round fight of the night)… I just, I don’t know. I’ll need gauze to keep the blood from flowing out of my ears. I just don’t know.

Remember: don’t blame Finkie. Don’t blame Millen. Blame Fedor. There is no other reason that leads to him not fighting Alistair. It’s Fedor. Blame Fedor. Oh, and bet a Werdum/Rogers/Bigfoot trifecta. For me.