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Holy shit! Anderson Silva news galore

Typically fighters are pretty dull as far as news goes. Occasionally one will talk about eugenics like it’s a good idea (ask Europe how that worked out) or pee their pants or do other stupid things. But the good fighters are usually boring as hell. They train, they train, they train some more, they fight, and then … they train again.

But check out all this crazy Anderson Silva news coming out now. Not only is he fighting at light heavyweight on the 19th of July, but (barring injury) he’s going to fight AGAIN on September 6th against Yushin Okami. And then again two months after that he’ll face off versus the winner of Cote / Almeida! Last but not least, the Dana has given his blessing on Anderson’s goal to hold both the middleweight and light heavyweight belts at the same time:

“When I talk about real fighter, this is the kind of guy I’m talking about. This guy sat down in a meeting with us, literally, two months ago and said you’re not fighting me enough, I want to fight more,” explained White. “And he wants to keep proving himself. He’s one of these guys that said my window is this big and I want to get everything in before this window closes.

“He wants to hold both the 185 and the 205 pound belt and he wants to defend them both. Normally I won’t let guys do stuff like that because it’s just- stupid. I’ll let Anderson Silva do it.”

Personally, I’d love to see Anderson Silva hold the belts at the same time, but I don’t think I’d like him defending them both for too long. There’s a point where your domination just gets a bit silly, kinda like how Fedor keeps going back to Europe and destroying everyone in national sambo competitions. Let someone else have the middleweight belt, man. You’ve already proven you own that division.

  • crs says:

    That’s insane. He is determined to bury Fedor’s claims of being the most dominating fighter ever at the perfect time, as Fedor has his thumb up his ass in Mother Russia.

    I can’t wait for the Okami fight to see that boring sack of shit get his ass handed to him by an entertaining fighter. It will be as pleasing as Couture-Sylvia was. *waiting for 90 people to come and defend Okami…*

  • tertio says:

    I get the feeling Dana doesnt want to say no to Silva ever again. He will agree to whatever the spider demands.

  • crs says:

    It should also be noted that during the first couple of months of Silva’s title reign Zuffa was determined to find someone to get the belt off of him because they didn’t feel a non-English speaking fighter would be marketable (going so far as trying to patch things up with Matt Linland to fight Silva). Nice to know they finally realized it’s all about talent in the end.

  • Steve says:

    “waiting for 90 people to come and defend Okami”


    I’ve been waiting for years to see Anderson smash him after that bullshit he pulled at Rumble on the Rock. I hope Silva draws it out and punishes him rather than finishing him quickly.

  • Hanzo Hattori says:

    If he vacates the middleweight belt whoever becomes champion will not be taken serious knowing that they didnt beat Anderson to get the belt.
    If the UFC were to adopt the new dumbass unified rules that increases the weight classes Anderson could dominate.

  • Hooked says:

    Silva vs. Rampage at light heavy would be entertaining. At least Silva would have to respect jacksons stand up, unlike the parade of bludgers like Leben.. Oragami?? Silva will make him into a nice doily..

  • Zurich says:

    And what about Machida? Aren’t they training partners? At this point, Machida has a more legitimate claim for a shot at the LHW title than A. Silva.

  • Elfenstein says:

    im a lyoto fan – but i’d say a champion of a lower weightclass takes precedence over a contender

  • Higgz says:

    Anyone else think that Anderson Silva just wants to burn through his UFC contract so he can fight Roy Jones Jr?

  • boinker says:

    ^ If he is, he is rushing into humiliation. Silva is a great MMA fighter. But he has gotten worked in the gym by open class amateurs.. Roy will embarass him.. stick to MMA and secure your legacy.

  • P says:

    WTF? its notable that a fighter wants to fight when he can? Most fighters can and would love to fight 5 – 6 times a year… Personally, it pisses me off to no end that no one cares about the best fighters barely ever fighting. Let them fight cans in between big fights– who cares. I don’t want to see great fighters walking into big fights with a ton of ring rust. I want to see the great fighters fight as much as I can, I don’t give a shit if every time it isn’t the top guy they can face. Also, fighters wanna get paid and who can blame them, who the fuck wants to train for 4+ months with no fight on the horizon? Thats retarded.

    Oh yeah, its a straight up joke people on Silvas nuts but knocking Fedor when Silva LOST to TWO japanese cans and that was in a ring and japan rules that vastly favour his style. OUCH! Compare that to Fedor who has NEVER lost (except by technicality).

    Fedor is still the only guy to face that many top level opponents in his division and not fall short even one time– and absolutely dominating all but CroCop and Arona.

    Silva got subbed by a fucking 170lber and got beat by an even bigger can at 185… LOL

  • Crank says:

    ^ HAI!!!!!
    Can you say flying scissor heel hook??
    There is not the talent pool in UFC to give Silva a great challenge every time. D. White knows it. Hell, he is feeding the UK Leben as a Main Event?? Sloppy seconds for the Brits..

  • P says:

    The sad part is that theres plenty of good challenges for Silva abroad but Dana just wont pony up any money. Shit, look at Misaki, he’s got some kind of strikeforce deal doesn’t he? And Akiyama? I’d LOVE to see Silva fight either of those guys.

    Fucking shame that filho’s all messed up though as he’s already in the zuffa fold.

    Honestly though Okami is capable of beating him. Not that capable, but who is? I’d give hima 25% chance.

  • Crank says:

    Irvin has an outside chance. I think it’s a lot more interesting for A. Silva at LHW… As I said, Rampage and him would be an interesting match up.. If he really wants to fight at 205 that is..

  • P says:

    I’m taking Silva over Irvin but I really doubt he’ll look very good doing it. I think Silva lacks the thickness to do well at that high a weight unless he starts lifting like crazy and puts on a lot more core mass guys like Rampage will take his punches and bully him. I think Silva could probably beat Forrest and maybe a couple other guys in the top 10 but I don’t think he’d be that good of a fight for Chuck, Machida, Shogun and a lot of other guys.

    Silva vs Wanderlei would be fucking awesome though and I am very curious how he could fare against his teammate Machida (but I doubt they would fight each other).